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Shower Filters: Personal Experience

I’ve been using a shower filter for so long now that I had forgotten what it was like NOT to use one.  On a recent trip I got to experience the shower reality of a few non-filtered showers.  I won’t be making that mistake again.

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Your Hair, Skin, Nails & Ionized Water

Healty Hair & NailsAre you letting that water from the drain hose just go down the drain?  If so you may not be getting some of the best “outwardly visible” benefits of your water ionizer.

It’s true that what you put into your body inevitably has an impact on every single part of your body, including your hair and nails.  The quality of food and water that you consume has a lot to do with your overall well being and health.  But that acid water that you’re letting go down the drain can help improve the look, feel and condition of your hair, skin & nails.

Your water ionizer can open up a new world of possibilities for healthier and more attractive hair, skin and nails.  You can get more benefit from your current “beauty regimen” and you may find yourself saying “bye-bye” to a few staple beauty products as well!

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Healthy Skin, Inside and Out

We all want to have glowing, healthy skin that gives us that youthful look at any age.  The fact is, most of us don’t have the time to put hours of work into our skin to maintain its luminous appearance.   While there are many toners, creams and at-home treatments available many are expensive  and others – well, if we research some of those ingredients we’d think twice before using them.

There is a fast, inexpensive and natural alternative for beautiful skin. 

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