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Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers


 Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers

Under counter water ionizers or “faucet style” water ionizers are a popular choice for people who have limited counter space or just want to avoid having another appliance sitting on their counter.

My top rated under counter water ionizers are the Tyent 9000T, Chanson’s VS70 and the Delphi from Jupiter/IonWays

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Top 3 Best Water Ionizers – Countertop


 Top 3 – Best Countertop Water Ionizers

“What’s the best water ionizer?”  I hear that question more than any other.   The fact is, there really isn’t an overall “best” water ionizer – but there are a few “stand out” counter top water ionizers that seem to win out with customers based on features, function, performance and style.

When it comes to choosing the “best water ionizer” – you can’t go wrong with a Jupiter Athena, Tyent 9090 or Chanson Miracle MAX – the main differences in these units is style, available functions and price.

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