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Tyent 9000T Review – Long Term Performance

Tyent 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer

In this Tyent 9000T review I’ll go over how well this under counter water ionizer has withstood the test of time.  I bought one of the first Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizers available from the first shipment that hit the US.  This Tyent 9000T review will also cover use, maintenance, what I like about this model and maintenance cost.

The Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer was announced in late 2009 with customer deliveries beginning in early 2010.  Pre-sales for this model were through the roof – I was one of the first – delivery was late, but customers agreed that it was worth the wait.

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Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer – The Tyent 9000T Under Counter

Tyent just announced the release of their 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer.

After years of research, development and testing the company is confident that the Tyent 9000T under counter model will meet the exacting standards expected from products bearing the Tyent name.

Two of the most-asked questions I get about water ionizer products are “Does Tyent have an under-counter model?” and “When is Tyent coming out with an under-counter model?”  Well, it’s here – and here’s what we know about the Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer so far….

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Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers


 Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers

Under counter water ionizers or “faucet style” water ionizers are a popular choice for people who have limited counter space or just want to avoid having another appliance sitting on their counter.

My top rated under counter water ionizers are the Tyent 9000T, Chanson’s VS70 and the Delphi from Jupiter/IonWays

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