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Why We Chose Tyent – Customer Story

This is one of the most informative “testimonials” I’ve received from a customer.

“Joji” and his wife share their story about how they ultimately decided on a Tyent water ionizer – from learning about alkaline water, to their research into water ionizer products as well as their experience with their Tyent MMP-7070. 

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Helena P and her Tyent 7070

Helen is a preschool teacher in New Jersey.

While her initial interest in water ionizers was related to her ongoing efforts to maintain her health in a safe and natural way, she found an added benefit after several months – and “sniffly” preschoolers later.

Helen had a lot of questions before deciding that a water ionizer was right for her – and then deciding which water ionizer might best suit her needs.  Eventually she decided on Tyent’s 7070 model – I recently heard back from her, here’s what she had to say….

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