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Old School Ethics + Awesome Water Ionizer = Very Satisfied Water Ionizer Customer


Tyent water ionizer customer reviews his experience with Water Ionizer Authority – and his Tyent 7070 TURBO.  He included his basic source water information and the results of his personal testing with pH and ORP meters.

Very thorough review from a very satisfied customer….

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Why We Chose Tyent – Customer Story

This is one of the most informative “testimonials” I’ve received from a customer.

“Joji” and his wife share their story about how they ultimately decided on a Tyent water ionizer – from learning about alkaline water, to their research into water ionizer products as well as their experience with their Tyent MMP-7070. 

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Pleased with Tyent Turbo

Dear Romi -

Thank you so much for everything.  You have made every effort to keep me a satisfied customer and you have succeeded!  My family and I are so pleased with the Tyent Turbo

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