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Tyent Launches Lease Program

One of the most common reasons people choose not to purchase a water ionizer is the upfront cost of buying a good quality product.

Recently, Tyent rolled out a lease program that lets consumers enjoy the benefits of ionized water without actually purchasing the unit.  Instead, customers make a monthly lease payment – from $99 to $135, depending on the unit they choose.

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Tyent FREE UPGRADE Pricing Sale

All Tyent Products & Packages


For a limited time only we are offering FREE MODEL UPGRADE on all Tyent Countertop Water Ionizers.

Just check the “Yes!  Upgrade me for FREE” box on the store page and your order will be upgraded to the next model up.

This sale represents some of the biggest savings on Tyent products we’ve seen – here are the details….

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Alkaline Ionized Water Relieves High Blood Pressure


Customer experience with alkaline water and high blood pressure.

“Joyce” first noticed an increase in energy and mental clarity along with relief from joint pain.  When she returned to have her high blood pressure checked, the results were so positive that her doctor thought she had been taking prescription medication.

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2010 Water Ionizer Year in Review

2010 Water Ionizer ReviewWhich were the best selling water ionizers in 2010?  Changes in the industry made naming a clear-cut winner in 2010 more difficult than in previous years.   “Favorite” products were “cloned,” renamed, revamped, repackaged and “mudslinging” reached an all-time high – adding confusion and distrust in an industry that was already challenging to navigate.

We’ve done our best to sort through the data based on sales and inquiries to come up with the winners in 2010.

Here’s your 2010 Water Ionizer Year in Review…

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Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer – The Tyent 9000T Under Counter

Tyent just announced the release of their 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer.

After years of research, development and testing the company is confident that the Tyent 9000T under counter model will meet the exacting standards expected from products bearing the Tyent name.

Two of the most-asked questions I get about water ionizer products are “Does Tyent have an under-counter model?” and “When is Tyent coming out with an under-counter model?”  Well, it’s here – and here’s what we know about the Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer so far….

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