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Wasp Sting Relief

My oldest son called yesterday to say he’d been stung by a wasp. At 19 and living on his own, he doesn’t call with these “little updates” that often but when I heard “wasp sting” I had a pretty good idea what he was going to say next.

Austin uses an IonQuench 8080 at his place and since he first installed it he’s been discovering all kinds of things that acid water “cures.” If you’ve got a complaint or ailment and tell Austin about it, he’ll likely recommend either duct tape or acidic ionized water to fix it.

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Uses for Ionized Water

pHI get a surprising number of inquiries from people asking about t he different uses for ionized water. The industry has done a good job promoting the 2 basic uses for ionized water – 9.5 alkaline for drinking and strong acid water for disinfecting – but I am finding that a lot of water ionizer owners still have questions about the best uses for ionized water at the different pH settings available.

This is a (relatively) brief guide to using ionized water at the settings found on most water ionizers. In the weeks to come I’ll be working on a more in depth water ionizer user guide. For now I hope this helps users out there get the most out of their investment in a water ionizer.

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More Uses for Ionized Water

Are you getting the most out of your water ionizer?  We know the 9.5 water is great for drinking but most water ionizers produce water at many levels of alkalinity.

Here are a few uses for ionized water that you may not have considered -

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