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The Ionized College Student


As of this week I’ll have two sons in college.  My oldest, a business major at the University of South Alabama and my middle son who starts at the University of Southern Mississippi this week.

While the two are as different as night and day, one thing they have in common – they both have water ionizers in their apartments.  I drove up to Hattiesburg last weekend to help Josh unpack boxes and set up his new place.  When he saw me bringing the water ionizer in from the car his eyes lit up, “Thanks Mom – I really appreciate that…”

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Holiday Cooking with Alkaline Ionized Water

Christmas TurkeyIn my family “Turkey Dinner” is the traditional meal at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Thanksgiving 2008 was when I first experienced what a difference alkaline ionized  water could make in how juicy my holiday turkeys came out.  If you’re a water ionizer owner and plan to cook a turkey for Christmas I highly recommend trying this yourself.  Once you start cooking with ionized water, you’ll never go back!

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Case Study: “Donna” Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

“Donna” is a Water Ionizer Authority customer who called several months ago looking for a less expensive alternative to Enagic’s SD501.  She was assured that no other water ionizer would be able to produce the results she would get from an Enagic water ionizer.  She felt good about her decision to purchase a Tyent TURBO 7070 but she and her husband never imagined just how powerfully this unit would affect them.

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More Uses for Ionized Water

Are you getting the most out of your water ionizer?  We know the 9.5 water is great for drinking but most water ionizers produce water at many levels of alkalinity.

Here are a few uses for ionized water that you may not have considered -

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