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Another Happy Alkalux Water Ionizer Customer


“Works like a charm”

That’s what this Alkalux water ionizer customer had to say about this model.

The Alkalux is a great water ionizer at a great price.  I get more referrals from Alkalux water ionizer customers than any other brand.

Read what “Idaho Em” had to say about her new Alkalux water ionizer…..

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Service Before AND Long After the Sale


A knowledgeable dealer that can help you make the best water ionizer choice – Great Find.

A dealer that will help you with technical support and repair issues years after the sale – PRICELESS.

Customer story about her shopping experience with Water Ionizer Authority, her positive experience with the water ionizer she chose, and what happened when, years later – there was an issue that required repair.  THIS is when the company you choose to work with REALLY matters….

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Physician’s Feedback

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a practicing physician in Pennsylvania.  He had heard about alkaline ionized water and done some research.   By the time he found Water Ionizer Authority he was pretty sure about a couple of things – that the potential benefits were worth the investment in a water ionizer and that the KYK Genesis looked like the right choice for him.

As a family doctor, one of my primary focuses is on health maintenance and disease prevention.  I also feel strongly that the body has the inherent ability to heal many things on its own, given the proper healing environment.  So to me, I have become a believer that the alkaline environment that is promoted by drinking ionized alkaline water is just such an environment.

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From a Chanson VS70 Customer…

under counter water ionizerI got a call earlier this week from one of my Chanson VS70 customers in California.  She and her husband had recently relocated and wanted to order more of the pH testing solution.   I took advantage of the opportunity to ask her how she liked her VS70 and if there was anything she’d like to share about the unit or her results with the water.

She and her husband have been very happy with the unit but were THRILLED with some unexpected benefits that the water had to offer….

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Customer Experience: KYK Genesis

Thumbs upI love hearing back from my customers.  “Kim T.” wrote to me last week with comments about her experience   I’m sharing it here with her permission.

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