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Evontis Elite Installation – Standard

Evontis Water Ionizer

The Evontis Elite installation process is easy and requires no special tools or plumbing experience.  Once you’ve got the unit and all of the installation parts set out the installation only takes about five minutes.  The video below takes you through the basic installation steps and includes a couple of tips to ensure a quick, easy and leak-free installation.

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Standard Countertop Water Ionizer Installation

This guide explains the basic installation of a counter top water ionizer using the standard “faucet adapter-to-water ionizer” connection method.  This standard water ionizer installation method  will be the same for almost all counter top water ionizers but the parts may vary somewhat from company to company.

Installing a counter-top water ionizer should only take a few minutes once you’ve identified all of the parts.  The process is relatively simple and the majority of water ionizer customers never feel the need to call a plumber or “handyman” to complete the installation. 

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Free Your Faucet – Chanson G2 Faucet

Chanson G2 Faucet

Out of the blue, I’ve received a number of calls this week from counter top water ionizer customers looking for an alternative to the faucet adapter installation.  While many water ionizers can be connected directly to the cold water line under the sink with no problems, other water ionizers need a valve to stop and start the water supply.

The solution I’ve been sharing with everyone this week: Chanson’s G2 Faucet.

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Don’t Call a Plumber Part II – Under Counter Water Ionizer Installation

Installing an under-counter or “faucet style” water ionizer is just as easy as the above the counter installation when connecting directly to the cold water line below the sink.  No need to call a plumber – most people can do this themselves in 30 minutes or less.

Instead of installing a faucet diverter, you’re installing a t-adapter into the cold water line – the hardest part of the installation is dealing with the drips while putting the T-adapter in place.

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Please Don’t Call a Plumber!

Most customers get their water ionizers, hook them up and everything is fine.  A few, though, call a plumber.  These result is some of my most frustrating support calls.

Installing any water ionizer is pretty simple.  Too simple, in fact, for some plumbers to grasp.  Before you call a plumber to help install your water ionizer please read this.  If you still prefer to call a professional for the installation there are tips here that will help avoid frustrations that other customers have experienced because they “called a professional.”

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