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When Good Water Ionizers Go Bad – Leading Cause of Product Failure

spilled ionized water

It’s the number one reason customers send water ionizers back to a company for repair – and it is 100% preventable.  The technicians I spoke with agreed that most issues they address at the repair facility are related to buildup inside the water ionizer.

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Do-it-Yourself Water Ionizer Cleaning

alkaline waterMany water ionizer companies now offer cleaning cartridges to help remove mineral buildup inside their machines.   These are convenient but can be costly.  Here is an affordable “do it yourself” cleaning method that will work with any water ionizer.

For the cost of a small aquarium pump ($15 – $40) and vinegar or citric acid powder, you can keep your water ionizer clean, free of mineral scale buildup and performing at its best for years to come.

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Understanding the Cleaning Cycle

Every water ionizer will have an automated cleaning cycle to prevent excess mineral build-up on the electrodes.   Without regular cleaning – either automated or through an acidic flush, this mineral build up can reduce contact between the electrodes and the water which can decrease your water ionizer’s ability to produce quality ionized water.
Most water ionizer companies now have recommended cleaning protocols for their products – either cleaning cartridges or a procedure you can do yourself using items readily available in local stores.  In this article we’ll discuss the automated cleaning cycles and the extra steps you can take to ensure your water ionizer maintains peak performance for years to come.

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