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Chanson Miracle MAX User Review

My Chanson Miracle MAX is installed and running.  After spending some time with this latest alkaline water ionizer I’m ready to write my user review on the Chanson Miracle MAXt.

The Miracle MAX water ionizer has a number of upgrades over Chanson’s original Miracle model water ionizer.  There are a lot of little things to like about the new design and the basic function of the Miracle MAX and a few things you should know about the product.  This water ionizer user review will shed more light on what you can expect from this model.

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AlkaViva Athena Review

alkaviva athena

Athena by AlkaViva

 In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva.

The Athena water ionizer from AlkaViva continues to grow in popularity.

Recently I’ve had a lot of requests for more information about this model.  My review of the AlkaViva Athena and the quality of alkaline water it produces is long overdue.  I’ve had mine for almost three years now.  I guess it’s just become such a fixture I just don’t think about it much.

After nearly three years of regular use, my Athena is still working as well today as it did the first day I set it up and ran my initial tests.  Overall I’ve been pleased with it.  I’ll try to do it justice in this review…

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Genesis Platinum Review

Power, Performance & Just Plain Pretty


The KYK Genesis is no longer available. This model has been replaced by the Genesis Platinum. It is the same water ionizer, same internal components, operations, functions, features only the Genesis Platinum unit comes directly from EOS, the source parts manufacturer for the Genesis which was assembled by KYK using EOS parts and design. The Genesis Platinum has a new look with silver face and 4 one-touch alkaline pre-sets.

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Water Ionizer Year in Review

2009 Year in ReviewWant to know which company had the best selling water ionizer in 2009?  Which under counter models were winners with customers in 2009?

What about portable options?Find out which products were “best sellers” with Water Ionizer Authority customers in 2009 and why – countertop water ionizers, under counter water ionizers, portables and other “healthy water” products – all broken down by customer favorites according to sales.

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Chanson VS70 Review

Best in Class Water Ionizer

At long last! I ordered my Chanson VS70, got it installed and found it to be everything I thought it would be.

The Chanson VS70 has been my “Top Pick” for under counter or “faucet style” water ionizers since I first started carrying the product. The best price for this type of water ionizer, its ability to produce alkaline and acid water comparable to the most expensive water ionizer on the market and low annual maintenance cost are just a few reasons I’ve felt confident in recommending this unit to my customers.

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