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2010 Water Ionizer Year in Review

2010 Water Ionizer ReviewWhich were the best selling water ionizers in 2010?  Changes in the industry made naming a clear-cut winner in 2010 more difficult than in previous years.   “Favorite” products were “cloned,” renamed, revamped, repackaged and “mudslinging” reached an all-time high – adding confusion and distrust in an industry that was already challenging to navigate.

We’ve done our best to sort through the data based on sales and inquiries to come up with the winners in 2010.

Here’s your 2010 Water Ionizer Year in Review…

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Things to Know about the H2Go

H2Go Portable Ionizer

H2Go Portable Ionizer

I *love* the H2Go.  Easy to use, portable, affordable – even comes with pH testing drops so you can see what a difference it makes in the water for yourself.  It’s my best seller and H2Go customers are my best source of new H2Go customers – once someone sees how it works (and how well it works), they want one too.

As easy as it is to use, there are some things you should know about using, maintaining and storing your H2Go.  This post was inspired by customer calls and e-mails about the product.  If you’re considering an H2Go for yourself, the information here will help get you going and answer the most common questions about using the product.

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Physician’s Feedback

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a practicing physician in Pennsylvania.  He had heard about alkaline ionized water and done some research.   By the time he found Water Ionizer Authority he was pretty sure about a couple of things – that the potential benefits were worth the investment in a water ionizer and that the KYK Genesis looked like the right choice for him.

As a family doctor, one of my primary focuses is on health maintenance and disease prevention.  I also feel strongly that the body has the inherent ability to heal many things on its own, given the proper healing environment.  So to me, I have become a believer that the alkaline environment that is promoted by drinking ionized alkaline water is just such an environment.

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Waterman Pitcher is now the H2Go

My hands down favorite portable water ionizer solution has been the Waterman Pitcher.  That remains the same but there have been a couple of changes with this product.

The Waterman Pitcher has been repackaged as the H2Go and now includes a set of pH testing drops so users can see just how powerful this little portable water ionizer really is…

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The Unbiased Truth: KYK Genesis

Now Sold as the KYK Generation II (KYK Gen2)

The KYK Genesis has long been one of my favorite water ionizers.  After doing their research and reviewing my product comparison charts, more customers end up choosing the KYK Genesis than any other water ionizer.

This is the unbiased truth about the KYK Genesis based on my personal experience and feedback from customers, and how I’ve found this unit to other water ionizers in performance, operation and adjustability.

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