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Another Happy EC450 Customer

At $650, the Watershed EC450 is the most affordable full-function water ionizer available.

But don’t let the small price fool you!

This machine does a great job of producing both alkaline ionized water at the 9.5 pH drinking level as well as varying levels of acidic ionized water.

All of my Watershed customers have been very pleased with their purchase decisions.  This is what H. Stewart had to say about his Watershed EC450….

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Pleased with EC450

Watershed is one of those product lines that I don’t typically get a lot of feedback on – doesn’t mean they aren’t good products – in fact, quite the contrary -  I actually have more “referral sales” on Watershed products than any other water ionizer I sell here.  But last week I *DID* get an e-mail from one of my recent Watershed customers.  The comments were brief but getting an e-mail from a Watershed customer is so rare that I wanted to share the comments here.

They purchased an EC450 and report that they are happy with their new water ionizer. 

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