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Watershed EC550 Customer

Watershed EC550

Whenever I have a customer looking for a water ionizer under $1,000 I always send them straight to the Watershed line of products.

Some are concerned that a lower cost water ionizer won’t deliver satisfactory results – but that is not the case!

Here’s what one Watershed EC550 customer had to say after her first year with the product….

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How Do the Jupiter Orion & Aquarius Compare to Others?

I went to this web site and they are sooooo in favor of the Jupiter Orion or Aquarius.   I don’t know if you know Dr. Young but he is very well respected. I spoke to one of his breast cancer survivors this morning.   Wow what an inspiration she is.   I am so confused.  What are your thoughts?

I just want to buy a great machine but I certainly do not want to spend money that I do not need to spend.   I have a 4 year old and a busy life so I need convenience as well.

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Can the Watershed EC550 be adapted to become and under the counter unit?

Your EC550, while it does not come with an under-the-counter adapter, the diverter is “shower” style and shuts itself automatically once the water flow has stopped. (Like the old-fashioned tub/shower diverters – you run the water through the tub faucet, then pull up on a metal tab to divert the water to the shower – the EC550 has “pull-tab” style diverter that works like this – once the water supply is shut off, the diverter closes back again and water goes straight through the tap)

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