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Watershed Price Changes Effective 4/18/11

Watershed has been one of the top three selling water ionizers here at Water Ionizer Authority.  Customers choose the Watershed line of alkaline water machines when they are looking for the best they can get for the lowest cost.

While the company is committed to keeping the cost of their water ionizers as affordable as possible, price increases and the manufacturing and import level have forced them to modify their retail prices. 

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2010 Water Ionizer Year in Review

2010 Water Ionizer ReviewWhich were the best selling water ionizers in 2010?  Changes in the industry made naming a clear-cut winner in 2010 more difficult than in previous years.   “Favorite” products were “cloned,” renamed, revamped, repackaged and “mudslinging” reached an all-time high – adding confusion and distrust in an industry that was already challenging to navigate.

We’ve done our best to sort through the data based on sales and inquiries to come up with the winners in 2010.

Here’s your 2010 Water Ionizer Year in Review…

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Best Water Ionizer Prices of the Year

Several water ionizer companies are jumping on the “Black Friday Bandwagon” this weekend, offering the best prices on these units that we’ve seen all year.

Many of these sales are Black Friday or Thanksgiving Weekend only, some will run through the end of the year.  Here’s a breakdown on which companies are offering these special savings and how long these great prices will last…

We’re listing them in order of savings/value -
Biggest sale values are listed first…

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Pleased with EC450

Watershed is one of those product lines that I don’t typically get a lot of feedback on – doesn’t mean they aren’t good products – in fact, quite the contrary -  I actually have more “referral sales” on Watershed products than any other water ionizer I sell here.  But last week I *DID* get an e-mail from one of my recent Watershed customers.  The comments were brief but getting an e-mail from a Watershed customer is so rare that I wanted to share the comments here.

They purchased an EC450 and report that they are happy with their new water ionizer. 

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Watershed is a health products company owned by author and natural health expert Bob McCauley.  Bob started out in water treatment and bottling with his father and has a great deal of experience with regard to water, health and nutrition.

Bob McCauley’s books include “The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water” and “Confessions of a Body Builder.” Watershed is one of the low price leaders in water ionizers and this company has made a commitment to acceptlower profits per sale in order to make water ionizers available to a larger segment of the population.

Watershed water ionizers are manufactured by Yi-Shan Electrical in Taiwan, one of the pioneers in water electrolysis.