The Unbiased Truth: KYK Genesis

The Unbiased Truth: KYK Genesis

Now Sold as the KYK Generation II (KYK Gen2)

The KYK Genesis has long been one of my favorite water ionizers.  After doing their research and reviewing my product comparison charts, more customers end up choosing the KYK Genesis than any other water ionizer.

This is the unbiased truth about the KYK Genesis based on my personal experience and feedback from customers, and how I’ve found this unit to other water ionizers in performance, operation and adjustability.

Originally the KYK Genesis was only available as a 5-plate water ionizer.  The first part of 2009, Water for Life USA, the exclusive US distributor of these products, rolled out their 7-plate version of the KYK Genesis.

Customers were very happy with the 5-plate model and that trend has certainly continued with the 7-plate model.  The 7-plate model was developed to boost performance for customers in hard water areas.  For the most part the 7-plate Genesis has been successful.   The only real issue is with acid water, which is common to some degree with all water ionizer products.

Customers in hard water areas often report problems getting acid levels.  Some are only able to get water in the “neutral” range regardless of the setting selected – strongest acid or taking water from the acid drain hose when the unit is set to produce water at the highest alkaline setting.  Remember, your strongest acid water will come from the acid drain hose when the unit is set to the highest alkaline setting.

Whole-house water softeners also offer challenges for customers – again, this is not unique to the KYK Genesis products.  In most cases adding a prefilter that restores mineral content addresses most problems.

A lot of my KYK Genesis customers are people who were looking for a lower cost alternative to Enagic’s SD501.  These customers all started out drinking water from someone’s SD501, saw results and wanted a unit but didn’t have (or want to spend) $4,000 for a water ionizers.  All of these customers have continued to see benefits after switching to their own KYK Genesis as their source of alkaline ionized water.  I have yet to have a KYK Genesis returned because the customer felt that the quality of the water was not equal to the water they were getting from an Enagic SD501.

One of the things I like about the KYK Genesis are the addition parts included with the unit at no charge.  These parts help remove some of the guesswork with regard to flow rate, and offer both protection and ease of use of the product.

Additional Parts

Dust Filter: The company includes a dust filter that fits easily in the line that supplies water to the unit.  It is only about 1 inch long and is not much wider than the 1/4″ hose that supplies water to the unit.  It is additional protection against sediment in water lines that can clog or blog filters.

Depending on your source water you may only need to check this filter about once a year.  If you are not experiencing any issues with reduced water flow rate I recommend removing the filter for cleaning when you replace your 2nd filter in the unit – at about 10 – 12 months.  The dust filter can be removed, cleared and replaced in as little as 60 seconds.

Water Pressure Regulator: The Genesis is sensitive to water pressure fluctuations.  Also, every water ionizer performs optimally at a set flow rate based on your source water.  The water pressure regulator is another piece that fits in the line that supplies water to the unit.

It is designed to keep the flow rate at 2.0 – 2.5 liters per minute.  If the flow rate to the Genesis is too high or fluctuates this can cause the unit to give you a flow rate error message.   Customers who connect their unit directly to the sink most often experience this issue.  Customers connecting the unit directly to the cold water line below the sink can set the flow rate at the adapter below the sink to avoid these issues and often do not need to install the water pressure regulator.

Alternate Installation Kit: The KYK Genesis comes with an additional adapter so that you can connect the unit directly to the cold water line below the sink.  This type of installation prevents anyone from accidentally running hot water through the unit and gives the unit true “one-touch operation.”

When the unit is connected directly to the cold water line below the sink it has a constant supply of water.  When you are ready to use the unit you simply press the “on/off” button and the unit dispenses alkaline ionized water at the last safe drinking setting.

Overall I’m a big fan of the KYK Genesis.  Very reasonably priced for a 7-plate water ionizer, good power, the SMPS power system operates with greater energy efficiency than transformer units.  The unit is adjustable so most source water issues can be addressed.

Water for Life USA has been prompt in responding to customer issues and whenever necessary a replacement unit has been shipped out quickly with no questions asked.

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