Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers

Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers

 Top Rated Under Counter Water Ionizers

Under counter water ionizers or “faucet style” water ionizers are a popular choice for people who have limited counter space or just want to avoid having another appliance sitting on their counter.

My top rated under counter water ionizers are the Tyent 9000T, Chanson’s VS70 and the Delphi from Jupiter/IonWays

Tyent 9000T

This may be the most long awaited of all the under counter water ionizers.  In late 2010, Tyent announced they were finally satisfied with the design and performance of their under counter model, the 9000T.  While the unit will not be available to ship in the US until mid to late February 2011, pre-sales of the model have been strong.under counter water ionizers

The Tyent 9000T is a 9-plate water ionizer operating at a maximum of 375 watts with a dual filtration system.  The increased number of plates and maximum available wattage ensure that owners will have no trouble getting 9.5 pH water in even the most stubborn source water areas.  The first under-counter water ionizer with a “Turbo” mode, Tyent’s 9000T is capable of producing ionized water from 2.0 to 12.0 pH, with acidic readings dipping below 2.0 pH in some areas.

The most unique feature of Tyent’s 9000T is the product’s one-touch operation control panel.  Modeled after the iPhone control panel, all basic water selections are available with a single touch of the corresponding control panel icon.  No toggling up or down to reach the alkaline or acidic level you want.  The on/off mechanism for the 9000T is your selection of the level of water you want to produce, just like Tyent’s counter top models.

You have 7 available presets on the main control panel screen:  3 alkaline, 3 acidic, 1 neutral – plus a “TURBO” button which allows the unit to produce even stronger levels of water.  All commands are voice guided with the screen changing in both color and image so there is no question about which pH level is being produced.

The control panel always displays the time and remaining filter life and the system setup screen and function were designed to be intuitive, making setup and customizations as easy for the user as possible.  The system setup has a voice alert as well as visual guides on the display so you know where you are in the setup process.

The Tyent 9000T full retail price is $3,999 but is available during the pre-sale for $2,999.   Just like other Tyent TURBO models, your 9000T will come with a lifetime warranty which covers both parts and labor for as long as you own it.

Tyent’s reputation for producing quality products that meet customer expectations, 9 plates with 375 watts of power, available “Turbo” mode for producing extreme pH levels and the lifetime warranty on parts and labor are what makes Tyent’s 9000T one of our “Top Picks” in the under counter water ionizer category.

Chanson VS70

The Chanson VS-70 is the same basic water ionizer as the Chanson Miracle counter top unit. It’s a single filter 7-plate water ionizer capable of producing alkaline ionizedunder counter water ionizers water with a pH of 10.4 and an ORP of -750, depending on your source water.

A unique feature on Chanson’s VS-70 is the ability to adjust the unit based on the TDS (total dissolved solids) in your water. Not only is the power of the unit adjusted based on the TDS found in your source water but it also adjusts your filter life indicator and length of the cleaning cycle. This ensures that everything in the unit is set for optimal performance based on your source water.

You have 7 available presents on the Chanson VS-70: 4 alkaline, 2 acid and 1 neutral setting with a voice alert letting you know what type of water is being dispensed.

The Chanson VS-70 also has a calcium port where you can add extra minerals to boost performance in soft water areas or just to increase the minerals available for your body’s absorption.

As a single filter water ionizer your filter replacement cost will be lower – replacement filters will run about $55 and will last up to 12 months depending on your unit settings and source water. A filter life indicator will alert you when it is time to replace the fiter.

Because the activated carbon in the Chanson VS-70 filter is “wet-molded” its absorption volume is up to 20 percent higher than regular carbon block style filters. This gives you a longer lasting filter and reduces your overall cost of ownership.

The Chanson VS-70 is the most affordable 7-plate under the counter water ionizer at $2,195. 5-Plate under the counter water ionizers start at $1,995.

The price, the styling, adjustability and low cost of ownership make the Chanson VS-70 one of our top to picks for under the counter water ionizers. As our best selling under the counter water ionizer we have many happy Chanson VS-70 customers.

under counter water ionizersJupiter Delphi

Our other top pick for an under the counter water ionizer is the Jupiter Delphi. The Delphi is the same basic unit as the Jupiter Athena. The only real difference between the Delphi and the Athena is the under the counter design. Also, the Delphi is a single filter model using the same BioStone main filter but without the sediment filter found as a second filter in the Athena.

The Delphi is a 5-plate dual filter unit featuring 9 preset buttons: 4 alkaline, 4 acid and one neutral. In my tests of the Jupiter Athena I was able to produce water with a high pH of 10.7 with an ORP of -760. With the same plates and the same advanced water chamber design I am confident that the Jupiter Delphi will produce the same quality of alkaline ionized water as the Athena.

Jupiter water ionizers are known to be some of the best when it comes to hard water. With an advanced cleaning system and unique electrolysis chamber design, the Jupiter Delphi is rated to perform well in hard water up to 14ppm.

Most customers find that they are replacing their filters about every six months with an annual cost of around $120, depending on your choice of filter. The Jupiter Delphi and Athena have several grades of filters available for these two units so that you can choose your level of filtration for particles and sediment based on your source water.

At $2,645 the Jupiter Delphi is a little more pricey than the Chanson VS-70 but many people prefer the sleek, simple style of the faucet and some just prefer a dual filter water ionizer.

Both the Chanson VS-70 and Jupiter Delphi are top performers and recommended as “top picks” for under the counter water ionizer based on their performance and customer satisfaction.

For more information on the Chanson VS-70 or the Jupiter Delphi, visit the store pages for these items.


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