I’m a Heavy Drinker

I’m a Heavy Drinker

I have a confession to make.  I’m a heavy drinker.

If you know me you know… it’s all day, every day, glass after glass, after glorious antioxidant alkaline ionized glass.  Most of it, straight from the machine – if I am forced to bottle it, it’s in a dual-walled stainless steel bottle with a plug-style cap to keep it as fresh as possible.True Confession 1 - I'm a heavy drinker

Not Just a Heavy Drinker – Heavy User

My day starts with at least 16 ounces of ionized alkaline water at a pH of about 9.5, ends with the same, PLUS at least 2 additional 16 ounce glasses of 9.5 during the day.  All straight from the machine.

In between I probably do another five to eight shots throughout the day, some at a higher pH if I feel like I need a boost.

But that’s just the drinking part.

Put me in a kitchen that doesn’t have a water ionizer for food prep and I’m lost.  Or a bathroom that doesn’t have one for personal hygiene, for that matter.  How do I brush my teeth?  Clean my face?  In the kitchen, how do I wash my produce?  Make my coffee?

Coffee without strong ionized alkaline water?  Oh noooo…. No, no, no, that just won’t do.

I bet that 50% of my daily water ionizer use for food prep, cleaning or personal hygiene.  Or first aid treatments.

I don’t know how people get along without a water ionizer – Did I really used to use tap water for all of these things?

Gluttonous Use of the Technology


I start and end my day with one of these – with a lot more in between

Heavy drinker, heavy user, but this goes much, much deeper than just enthusiasm over drinking and using ionized water.

In the beginning it was a necessity.  I had to get a bunch of different machines and try them and use them to really understand the difference.

That’s how you become a “water ionizer authority.” 

I never imagined that one day I would be downsizing so that I only had 11 water ionizers hooked up for use, in 5 different locations covering 3 states.

It’s true.  I am a water ionizer glutton.

Yes, it started out being all about getting to know the machines, but then you really get to know the machines.

Some make excellent bathroom models, some make ideal kitchen models, work better with the source water in one location, others work better in other source water areas.  Bottom line is have cherry-picked the water ionizers I keep hooked up and running so that I get the type of ionized water I want, when I want it, where I want it.

And I want it all day. Every day.  Yeah, I’m like that about some things.

Not Normal, Care to Follow?

The way I collect these machines and use them – it’s just not normal, but I can’t help myself.  All day, every day, I’m using one or more water ionizers throughout the day.  I start my day using a water my_way_cropped_500x490ionizer and I end my day using a water ionizer, and there’s a whole lot of ionizing going on in between.

I’m not saying that everyone should follow my lead to water ionizer gluttony, but maybe consider getting a little more out of your investment.  Maybe fall in love with your water ionizer all over again.

Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to indulge in a little water ionizer gluttony yourself.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t used a water ionizer in almost an hour – oh, and look at the time!  It’s almost time to start dinner prep.

Till my next confesion…