Tyent 9000T Review – Long Term Performance

Tyent 9000T Review – Long Term Performance

In this Tyent 9000T review I’ll go over how well this under counter water ionizer has withstood the test of time.  I bought one of the first Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizers available from the first shipment that hit the US.  This Tyent 9000T review will also cover use, maintenance, what I like about this model and maintenance cost.

The Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer was announced in late 2009 with customer deliveries beginning in early 2010.  Pre-sales for this model were through the roof – I was one of the first – delivery was late, but customers agreed that it was worth the wait.

Tyent 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent 9000T Review – Performance

Right out of the box my Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer worked great.  I got great pH and ORP readings across the board – everything was advertised.  It was well worth the wait.

I did need to make some adjustments to the lower settings to bring the alkalinity down to something suitable for my Yorkie to drink.  Navigating the advanced settings was a “wow” experience for me – I’ll go into that later in my review.

As for long-term performance, I’ve got a story to tell that says it all…

Recently I was explaining ionized alkaline water to a guest and using my Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer to demonstrate the different uses and to let them taste the difference between ionized water and their bottled water.

They were so impressed with the taste of the water and the range of pH levels that my 9000T produced that they wanted to buy MY unit.  I didn’t want to let it go – kept telling them that it was three years old, suggesting they let me order a new one for them, but they didn’t want to wait.  I don’t sell my demos cheap – it wouldn’t have cost them that much more to get a brand new unit but they didn’t want to wait.  Mine was working “like new” after three years of use and that was good enough for them.

High marks for long-term performance of my Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer.


To maintain the long-term “like new” performance of any water ionizer you’ve got to do the recommended maintenance.Tyent 9000T Filter Area

Maintenance for my Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer included changing the filters about every 6 months and running a cleaning cartridge every other time I changed the filters.  Annual maintenance cost based on my usage was just under $300/year.

I use my Tyent 9000T a LOT.  Drinking, cooking and food prep, cleaning, sharing the water…  filter change and recommended cleaning intervals are based on usage.  In really hard water areas you should use the cleaning cartridge at least every 12 months or preferably at every filter change.

Tyent designed the base unit under the sink with maintenance convenience in mind.

Tyent 9000T Filter RemovalWorking under the sink can be a little awkward – the last thing you need is to fuss with is moving the unit base around in a cramped area just so you can get to the filter area – or trying to remove or replace a filter door panel.

The filter compartment on the Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer is easily accessible without moving the unit – the entire front panel of the unit base swings open.  Removing and replacing the filters and cleaning cartridge is easier than with most under counter models too.

The filters actually tip out at an angle.  This makes it easier to get a good grip on the filter or cleaning cartridge to screw it into place or remove it.

Resetting the filter life was easy too – simple access to the filter life indicator controls on the touch screen control panel guides you through the steps.  Your filter reset is confirmed on the screen and you’re ready to use the unit again.

Wear on Faucet Finish

This wasn’t my first under counter water ionizer so I was pretty sure that I could keep it looking “good as new” with a few simple steps.Tyent_9000T_Installed_268x445

Bear in mind I have a “high use” kitchen.  Most days I juice once in the morning and once in the afternoon, I cook at least one meal a day and do raw food prep throughout the day as well.  My sink sees a LOT of action and my Tyent 9000T faucet gets a lot of splashes – including some food residue.

There was never a need to use any type of detergent or cleaner, never used any abrasive cloth or sponge.  By simply wiping the faucet down with a soft wet cloth, followed by a soft dry cloth to remove any leftover moisture, the finish on the faucet of my Tyent 9000T never showed any signs of aging or fading.

Navigation – A “Wow” Experience

On a day to day basis, you’ll only be using the presets available on the main display screen for selecting the type of water you want to produce.  But when your Tyent 9000T first arrives, you may need to adjust the settings for each of the presets.  You may need more power at a preset to produce the pH level you want there, or you may need less.  To make that adjustment on a water ionizer you have to use the advanced settings mode.

One of the drawbacks of an under-counter water ionizer is the compact control panel and display screen.  Day to day use is no problem but if you have to make adjustments to the power settings, the limited size and options on the faucet control panel can be a little frustrating.

This is where the Tyent 9000T under counter water ionzier “wow’d” me. The Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer’s advanced settings screens are like no other. Once I was in the advanced settings area, nothing was hidden, there was no guesswork.  All of my options were right there on the control panel screen – including arrows to see more options and a “go back” icon to return to the previous screen.


It’s true – you won’t use this area all the time – maybe only once, when you first set up your Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer – but it’s such a nice feature and makes customizing the unit’s performance easier than any other under counter water ionizer out there.


Impressive looks, performance, warranty and still going strong after three years of use.  I’ve been very pleased with everything my Tyent 9000T under counter water ionizer has to offer.

Cleaning cartridges make maintaining this model’s performance easy.  The way the front panel of the unit base swings open makes getting to the filters easy when it’s time to change them.  The unique “tip-out” design for the filter connection also reduces some of the challenge of working under the sink at filter change time.

All in all I have to say that this is my favorite under counter water ionizer.  The dual control options have come in handy as well as the directional faucet spouts.  You can move them right or left like the spouts on any other under counter water ionizer, but you can also adjust  the tips of the spouts for more directional control of the water.  Great when you’re working in a small or crowded sink.

Great product and reasonably priced considering the advanced technology and Tyent’s “Forever Guarantee” on this model.

Check available sale pricing or view the detailed specifications here.

Tyent 9000T Under Counter Water Ionizer

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