Tyent Retires MMP-7070 Non-Turbo Model

Tyent Retires MMP-7070 Non-Turbo Model

Tyent USA Product Reviews Tyent USA announced plans to retire their standard MMP-7070 model water ionizer.

With the introduction of the TURBO 7070 last year and the launch of their 9-plate TURBO 9090 Extreme water ionizer this year, demand for the standard 7070 waned as customers opted for the higher wattage TURBO models.   Here at Water Ionizer Authority we saw an immediate decrease in orders and inquires about the standard MMP-7070 model with the introduction of the TURBO 7070.  When Tyent launched the TURBO 9090 Extreme model, sales of the standard MMP-7070 became even fewer and farther between.  Based on this trend throughout the market, Tyent made the decision to focus on their top-selling TURBO models with upgrades that most customers seem to prefer.

The TURBO Difference…

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While Tyent’s original MMP-7070 model was a popular choice and great performer for most customers, there were some areas in the country where source water conditions made reaching the extreme pH levels difficult.  In St. Petersburg, Florida we found the original MMP-7070 performed well at the alkaline settings but had difficulty producing quality acid water – which we noted in our original review.

The company worked with engineers, making tweaks to enhance performance which resulted in success – the “upgraded” 7070 model performed significantly better at acidic settings given our stubborn water in St. Petersburg – but Tyent felt there was still room for improvement and began developing the TURBO 7070 model.  After much testing with various source waters Tyent USA confidently launched the TURBO 7070 last year.

The Tyent 7070 TURBO model took a giant leap forward with significantly higher wattage than the original MMP-7070 and new TURBO settings, giving customers the option to operate the unit at lower levels for ordinary use, accessing the higher wattage levels only when necessary to achieve the stronger alkaline or acidic pH levels.  The company took advantage of feedback from customers to add a black/stainless steel model – an upgrade option for customers looking to match the latest black & stainless steel kitchen appliances and decor.

We were impressed with the broader pH ranges we achieved using the TURBO settings – and were confident recommending the TURBO 7070 to customers regardless of their location.   While the white/silver unit had clean lines and looked nice, the black/stainless steel model – which I chose for myself – was a definite step up when it came to matching many modern kitchen designs.

Even More Power…

With customers looking for even more plates and higher wattage, earlier this year Tyent launched their 9090 TURBO Extreme model.  The Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme

model is another step up with 9 plates, 375 watts of power, Ultra filtration (up to .01 microns) and a choice between black and stainless steel or white and stainless steel.  9090 customers in most areas will have higher effective flow rates and customers in stubborn source water areas can see improved ionization.

As with their TURBO 7070 model, Tyent spent a lot of time testing their new 9090 model prior to releasing it.  With two additional plates and the highest available wattage, Tyent wanted to ensure proper “power to plate ratio.”  While adding power to a water ionizer can improve performance, adding too much power can cause premature aging of the plates.  The 9090 TURBO Extreme was put through the paces to ensure power was being delivered to the plates efficiently, effectively and with respect to long-term consistent performance.

The Downside & The Alternative

The only downside to Tyent’s decision to retire their standard MMP-7070 model is the company’s lack of presence in the “under $2,000″ price range.  At $1,995, Tyent’s standard MMP-7070 model was a popular choice for customers looking for Tyent quality, ease of use and features without paying “TURBO prices.”  For these customers we are recommending the Alkalux 2507 water ionizer at $1,695.

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We have been testing/using the Alkalux for a couple of months here and have been impressed with it’s performance.  If Tyent is the “Lexus” of water ionizers you can consider Alkalux the “Toyota” – same reliability, same quality, comparable performance but in the mid-range price category.

Like the Tyent models, the Alkalux 2507 offers full adjustability within each of the presets, dual filtration, ease of use and one-touch operation.  What you won’t get with the Alkalux is the 10-year or lifetime warranty offered on Tyent models, higher wattage or the sleek modern design Tyent is known for.  Still, at $1,695 the Alkalux offers 185 watts of power, 7-plates and tests comparable to the MMP-7070.  You’ll still get a “better than industry standard” warranty – 7 years parts & labor – and all of the ease of use and features/functions that made the Tyent 7070 a winner in 2009.  At $1,695 the Alkalux is a great ‘bang for your buck’ in the mid-range price category.

Trying to Decide?

If you need help deciding you can always call Water Ionizer Authority for help.  We’re here Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm EST or send an e-mail to romi.sink(at)waterionizerauthority.com anytime.

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