Tyent TURBO 7070 Review

Tyent TURBO 7070 Review

Tyent TURBO 7070

Tyent TURBO 7070

Tyent TURBO 7070
The EXTREME Machine…

I’ve long been a fan of the Tyent products for their ability to produce quality alkaline ionized water. The company has now set themselves ahead of the pack with the introduction of their TURBO 7070 model.

With the highest crossed mesh plate surface area, highest available wattage and its ability to produce ionized water at “extreme” levels WITHOUT the use of chemical or mineral additives, the Tyent TURBO is truly in a class by itself.

In my article “Acid Water Dilemma” I talked about the challenges that many water ionizers had producing strong acid water. Thanks to Tyent and their TURBO 7070

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model, for the first time consumers have access to a water ionizer that will produce both strong alkaline and strong acid water without the use of an enhancer solution or other additives.

I tested the Tyent TURBO 7070 and was able to get alkaline water as high as 12.0 and acid water – from the dispenser hose, not the acid drain hose – as low as 2.5 with the unit in TURBO mode. These tests were done in my home in St. Petersburg, Florida using straight, unfiltered tap water – nothing was added to the water before it went through the ionizer or after the water was dispensed. Results will always vary based on your source water.With the unit in TURBO mode set to produce strong alkaline water, the water from the acid drain hose tested at 2.5.
About half of the calls I get are from consumers who have tried either the alkaline or acid water from someone’s Enagic SD501. While they were pleased with the results they were looking for a comparable unit that took a smaller bite out of their budget. The Tyent 7070 has always been one of my top 3 recommendations to these callers, however I had to let them know that none of the other water ionizers were able to produce acid water at the 2.5 level that the SD501 produces when using their Sodium-Chloride enhancer solution.

I’m thrilled to have the Tyent TURBO 7070 as an alternative for people who are looking for both strong acid and strong alkaline water without the use of any sort of chemical additives.

How it Works…(and ooohhhh how it works!)

Just like the standard Tyent 7070, you have 3 alkaline settings, one neutral/filtered water setting and 2 acid settings. You simply touch the screen for the level of water you want to produce. To enter the Turbo mode, rather than “touch and release” you simply hold your finger on the level 3 alkaline button (for strong alkaline water) or the level 2 acid button (for strong acid water) for about 3 seconds. The unit will beep twice indicating that you are in TURBO model.

Tyent Control Panel

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What is the TURBO mode?

The Tyent TURBO 7070 has the highest available wattage of any water ionizer on the market today. The lower wattage is sufficient for regular use but the TURBO function boosts the power to as much as 280 watts. This increased wattage being delivered to the plates allows the unit to produce water that reaches the extreme pH levels. You enter the TURBO mode with the touch of your finger and can get stronger alkaline or acid water WITHOUT the use of sodium chloride or other chemical or mineral additives.

Summary & Conclusions

Tyent Lifetime Warranty

Tyent’s Lifetime Warranty

With a Lifetime Warranty – the best warranty in the industry – the Tyent TURBO 7070 not only a good buy but a safe buy. The company stands behind this unit for as long as you own it. With this unit’s ability to produce significantly stronger alkaline AND acid water WITHOUT the use of chemicals or other additives, the Tyent TURBO 7070 is without a doubt a Best Buy in my book.

My experience with Tyent’s customer service has been exceptional and my Tyent customers have found these products to be easy to use, easy to install and reliable. I’ve found the unit easy to use – switching between TURBO and standard modes and easy to adjust.
I’m very comfortable recommending the Tyent TURBO 7070, very happy that I have one myself and happy to answer any questions YOU may have about this unit.

Tyent’s TURBO model recently beat out 2 other units for acid water production without the use of any additives. To read the story click here.

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