Under Counter Conversion Kit from Watershed

Under Counter Conversion Kit from Watershed

Almost any water ionizer can be converted to an under-counter model using Watershed Wellness Center’s Under Sink Conversion Kit.

The kit includes a dual-spout faucet, designed to accommodate both alkaline and acidic water flows, and all hosing and attachments needed to convert most counter top water ionizers to under sink models.

Here are the basics on installation and usage…

The dual spout faucet works best with “flow-through” types of water ionizers – water ionizers that are “activated” or “wake up & start ionizing” when the unit senses water flowing through.  Watershed, Jupiter, Chanson and Rejuvenator counter-top water ionizers are all “flow-through” models that will work well with this conversion kit.

Using the dual spout faucet, you turn your water ionizer on using the valve on the side of the faucet – this allows water to flow through and your water ionizer will begin producing ionized water at either the default setting or the last setting used, depending on the type of water ionizer you have.  Watershed and Rejuvenator counter-top water ionizers will always default back to the last pH level used that is safe for drinking.  Chanson models have a programmable default however Jupiter water counter-top models always default back to the last setting used – so if you used your Jupiter to produce acidic water last time, that’s what the unit will default back to produce at the next use.

The on/off function of your water ionizer is controlled by the valve on the faucet – once the valve is turned on to allow water to flow through your water ionizer will “wake up” and start producing ionized water based on the unit’s default setting.  When water flow is stopped using the valve on the faucet, your water ionizer goes back into stand by or sleep mode until the next time you use it.

You will still have to access the control panel to select a pH level other than the default, however most people primarily use one alkaline pH setting throughout the day.  Most consider the minor inconvenience of opening the cabinet to make a pH level worth the convenience of having the unit and all of the hosing under the sink.  And just about everyone is happy to have a little more counter space available and their faucet free from the bondage of the diverter and hose.


Installation is fairly simple and requires no special plumbing skills – just a bit of logic and the ability to follow directions.  You’re basically putting an extra piece in the cold water line that is below the sink and connecting it to the “in/inflow” port of your ionizer.  Then you’re connecting lines from the dispenser spout area and acid drain line of your water ionizer to the appropriate hoses that come with the faucet.

You’ll need a pair of pliers or a wrench, a towel to deal with the drips that you’ll have when you disconnect the cold water line to insert the diverter piece, and we recommend plumbing/teflon tape to ensure a good, tight, leak-free seal.

Installation can be done in as little as 10 minutes but shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

If you’d like to order one for yourself, visit the Under Counter Conversion Kit store page.  This item is usually in stock and ships within 24 hours.