Venus Water Ionizer Customer Review

Venus Water Ionizer Customer Review

In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva

The Venus water ionizer model is one of the newer models offered by the AlkaViva company.  Previously sold under the brand names IonLife, IonWays and Jupiter, the Venus is also the company’s most affordable model.

Here’s what one customer had to say about the Venus water ionizer….


In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva.

The Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer is a high quality, easy to use unit.  The set-up was quick and simple.  I chose the Jupiter Venus because of the features it offered for the price.  We mainly use the unit for drinking water (both human and pet) but I have also used it for household cleaning and watering plants.  I am very satisfied with Jupiter Venus.  Before making my purchase, I had a lot of general questions about water ionizers.  I also had many specific questions about brands/models, features and warranties.  Water Ionizer Authority was very knowledgeable and quickly responded to all my questions.  The answers I received were unbiased and extremely helpful.  It took me a couple of weeks to make my decision.  During my decision-making process, I asked many additional questions.  I never felt any pressure from Water Ionizer Authority.  The customer service I received from start to finish was excellent.  I would highly recommend Water Ionizer Authority.

Cathy M.

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