Wasp Sting Relief

Wasp Sting Relief

My oldest son called yesterday to say he’d been stung by a wasp. At 19 and living on his own, he doesn’t call with these “little updates” that often but when I heard “wasp sting” I had a pretty good idea what he was going to say next.

Austin uses an IonQuench 8080 at his place and since he first installed it he’s been discovering all kinds of things that acid water “cures.” If you’ve got a complaint or ailment and tell Austin about it, he’ll likely recommend either duct tape or acidic ionized water to fix it.

It was no surprise to hear that he immediately ran in the house to apply acid water to the sting – what surprised us both was just how well (and how quickly) it worked.

I’ve been stung by a lot of things but nothing was as painful as a wasp sting. This was Austin’s first wasp sting and he agrees. Worst pain from a sting that he’s ever experienced.

It starts with the initial “ouch” of the sting and then the pain gets worse with every second that passes. As soon as he got “hit,” Austin headed for his go-to “it’ll make anything better” remedy – the strongest acid setting on his IonQuench 8080.

Wasp Stinger - Image Courtesy of http://www.beeservice.com

Wasp Stinger

Once the pain went away he removed the compress. He couldn’t even see where he had been stung! No swelling, no redness, not even a little telltale red dot where the stinger had penetrated. That’s when he called. Although he’s been using acidic ionized water to treat a lot of little things, the fast relief from pain and the “like it never happened” lack of redness or swelling – within only a minute or so of treatment – completely surprised him. Considering the size and length of the type of wasp that got him it was pretty amazing that there was no evidence of a sting in such a short amount of time. I remember I had a tiny red dot for almost a week after my sting.

The area was still a little tender to the touch – almost like a bruise or sore muscle but no redness and no swelling. He continued wiping the area down throughout the day with a washcloth soaked with level four acidic water – a good idea with any sort of puncture wound to prevent germs or bacteria from getting in. By the end of the day, even the tenderness in the area of the sting was gone. Never had any swelling or redness after the first acid water application.

While Austin uses an IonQuench 8080, any water ionizer will produce acid water strong enough to relieve the pain of stings like this, burns, cuts, scrapes as well as reduce swelling and help prevent infection. The mineral content and alkalinity of your source water will determine just how low your acid pH will go but even at the 5.5 – 6.0 pH level you’ve got great “first aid water” available. Treating injuries to the skin with acid water, either with compresses or by spraying the area will speed the healing process and help prevent infection.

If you’re only able to get the milder acidic pH levels, compresses or frequent “spritzing” of the area will work best. The stronger the acidic level of the water, the more quickly bacteria is eliminated and relief from pain is experienced.

As a mother with a grown man for a son, phone calls about little things mean a lot. Phone calls about things that happen which he was able to “cure” or handle on his own are doubly sweet. It’s good to know that they can handle the little things that life throws at them without missing a beat. In this instance, I got the added bonus of gaining another true story about the benefits of ionized water.

Curious about the pain index of different bites and stings? Do a search for “Schmidt Pain Sting Index.” It’s a pain index scale published in 1990 by Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt.


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