Water for Life USA Announces Under-Counter Model

Water for Life USA Announces Under-Counter Model

Revelation Under-Counter Water Ionizer

Water for Life USA has just announced the release of their latest water ionizer, the Revelation Under-Counter water ionizer.

The Revelation water ionizer has a quadruple filtration system, 9 plates and operates on 300 watts of SMPS power. The pre-filtration system is customizable to address the most common source water issues at no additional charge.

The modern styling and minimal sized faucet were designed to meet the needs those customers who were fans of Water for Life USA’s Genesis Platinum unit but wanted an under counter option.

The slim, sleek faucet on the Revelation water ionizer give you full operational control of every pH level and adjustment without ever accessing the unit below the sink. Both alkaline and acidic levels are available directly from the faucet. pH level selection is made through the Revelation faucet control panel which also displays the pH level of the water being produced while the unit is in use.

Just like the Genesis Platinum water ionizer, the Revelation under-counter water ionizer is fully adjustable within each alkaline preset and has a sensor-based automated

cleaning cycle. The two additional plates in the Revelation along with the 300 watts of SMPS power offer improved ionization in some of the toughest source water areas.

The Revelation is manufactured by EOS Hi-Tech, makers of the Genesis Platinum, and features the same slotted/mesh plates and basic internal components. Just like the Genesis Platinum, the Revelation under-counter water ionizer’s display shows you the pH level both with corresponding pH color screen indication and by displaying the pH level based on your selection.

Enhanced & Customizable Filtration

With a quadruple filtration system the Revelation under-counter water ionizer virtually eliminates the need for additional pre-filters. The filtration system is designed for maximum removal of sediment and contaminants while pre-conditioning the water for maximum ionization potential. The internal filtration system can be customized to address special customer needs related to hard water or source water that is mineral deficient.

1) Sediment Filter: A carbon filter designed to trap particles, including rust and calcium carbonate and remove the bulk of contaminants from your water.

2) Precarbon Filter: Its primary function is to remove chlorine.

3) Revitalizing Filter: Full of alkaline trace minerals, this filter conditions your water so that it is prime for ionization.

4) Post Carbon Filter: A more intense carbon filter designed to clean up anything the other filters missed.

Whether you choose the standard filtration option, hard water filtration option or soft water filtration option, the cost of the Revelation stays the same – no additional charge for the special hard or soft water filtration configurations.

Cost, Warranty & Money-Back Guaranty

The Revelation under-counter water ionizer will retail for $2,195 however with special pre-sale pricing you can purchase this unit for as little as $1,495.

Like the Genesis Platinum, Water for Life USA backs the Revelation with a 5-year warranty on parts & labor and gives you 60-days to “love it or leave it.” Once you try it in your own home, if decide the Revelation is not right for you for any reason you can return the unit within 60-days of delivery for a refund less the company’s 15% restocking fee.

The earliest ship date on the new Revelation under-counter water ionizer from Water for Life USA is December 1st however customers who take advantage of the “pre-sale” can save significantly. The company is allowing sales of a limited number of units at tiered pricing counting down to the official ship date with a limited number of units available at each sale price.

Revelation Undersink Water Ionizer Presale

Date: Price: Number Available:
September 12th – 26th $1495 15
September 27th – October 4th $1595 20
October 5th – October 19th $1695 25
October 20th – November 3rd $1795 30
November 4th – November 18th $1895 30
November 19 – December 1st $1995 30

After December 1st 2010 the Revelation will be available at the full retail price of $2,195 but please check the Water for Life USA store page for special Bonus Packs that may be available at this price. Water Ionizer Authority designs “Bonus Packs” which include additional items at no charge based on the most popular “extra stuff” customers like to have when they purchase a water ionizer.

If you would like more information about Water for Life USA’s new Revelation Under-Counter Water Ionizer just give us a call at (727) 498-4826, Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:30pm Eastern Time. Or e-mail us anytime at Romi.Sink (at) WaterIonizerAuthority.com.

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