Water Ionizer Customer Story – Pet Now Vet-Free

Water Ionizer Customer Story – Pet Now Vet-Free

After a long-term struggle with her Miniature Dachshund’s chronic skin condition – which ultimately led to a staph infection – Jennie has finally freed herself and her dog from repeated trips to the veterinarian, antihistamines and antibiotics.  A great water ionizer customer story.

The Tyent Turbo MMP-7070T  water ionizer machine has helped relieve dry, scaly, skin condition for my miniature dachshund.  Her staph infection has completely cleared up.  She is no longer needing over the counter antihistamine and antibiotics for her coat.Now from the human point of view, this water really does the body good. I see a tremendous difference in my hair, nails, and skin.  My skin is much softer, the dryness cleared up, my hair is so much healthier and shiner.I drink at least 10 to 8 ounces of alkaline water a day. When I drink tap water or filtered water, I see a huge difference in my mood, and physical being. It leaves me very sluggish, tired. I am always anxious to get back from vacations to my Tyent Turbo 7070 water ionizer machine.  I never leave home without a bottle of alkaline water from the machine. I even love the fact this machine does not use any chemicals, very safe for the environment and safe for the kids to operate.  One other benefit this water offers it is a antioxidant too. It is magic, it does the body and soul good – human and canine alike!

Imagine how much happier you and your pets will be if you give this water 30 days a try. You will see and feel a difference in your quality of life.  I know I did.  Very glad I made the investment – and so is my little Dachshund!

I love filter change time – most of my customers call me to order replacement filters and this is when I get to hear their stories about how they are using their water ionizers and what kind of difference it has made for them and their family – and pets.

Thank you so much for sending me your story, Jennie!

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