Water Ionizer Reality Check

Water Ionizer Reality Check

 Water Ionizer Reality Check

Are your expectations realistic? And what about the cost? “I could buy a flat screen TV for the price of a water ionizer…”

This is an apples to oranges comparison to help you put the cost into perspective and decide if your expectations are realistic for what you’re spending to get alkaline water.

I chose “family room television sets” for this apples to oranges comparison because they have many things in common when it comes to their role in the home. And the cost is about the same also. They are both major purchase decisions that are not made on a frequent basis.

Here’s  the “apples & oranges” comparison:

Daily Use

If you’re home, chances are you’re going to TV on at least once that day…. If you’ve invested in a water ionizer, you’re going to be drinking a couple of glasses every day at least – many use it for cooking and cleaning also.

Used by Everyone

If you’ve got a family room TV set, at some point, everybody’s going to sit down and watch something… As your new source for drinking water, your water ionizer will be where everyone goes for a glass of water.

Impact on Quality of Life

Television – gives news, weather, provides entertainment – for better or for worse. Your water ionizer provides filtered and ionized water that benefits your body and overall health.

Also Used by Guests

Super Bowl Party, anyone? Having friends over to watch a movie; Where do the men gather after Thanksgiving Dinner in your home? Whether you’re simply pouring a glass of water for a guest or making coffee, tea, or marinating meats & soaking fruits & vegetables for a meal, your guests are benefiting from your water ionizer also.

Same Price Range

A 32” Flat Panel HDTV will cost anywhere from $400 – $1,300Jump up to a 42” and you’re looking at $800 – $1,700. Only slightly higher – Full fledged “plug-it-in” water ionizers start at $595 and most countertop models top out at $1,800 – $2,000

Same Life Span in Household

Ask around… you find that most people replace that family television set every 8 to 10 years unless they move or have a major renovation of the family viewing room. Most water ionizers are rated to last anywhere from 8 to 15 years.


Most TV’s offer 1 to 3 year limited warranties on parts & labor. In most cases, having repairs done requires shipping the unit to a repair facility. Length of time it’s gone? Undetermined. Most water ionizers come with full 3 to 5 year warranties on parts and labor. In many cases you have to ship your unit away for repairs but these are done quickly and your unit could be returned to you in as little as 5 business days.

While the cost of your water ionizer is going to be a bit more than a new family room television set, your warranty coverage is significantly better, frequency of use and benefits to the entire family are greater. Most televisions are still working when owners decide it’s time to upgrade. Technological advances are the main reason for selling their old TV and getting a new one – or demoting the old family room TV to a guest room.

The same can be true for water ionizers. My father is already looking for his next water ionizer and plans to move the one he has now to his bathroom – he uses the acid water to wash his face and for brushing his teeth.

We’ve had replacement filter orders from customers who have had their water ionizers for 5 years or more. They tell us they are still working fine and they don’t even think about them anymore… the water ionizer is just where they go to get water. We don’t know if any of them are ready to replace their old units yet. Your investment in a water ionizer is likely going to last you a long, long time.

Motivations & Expectations

While the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water are indisputable (for water ionizer users, western medicine won’t be on board for awhile yet), drinking this water is not an end-all/cure-all for everything that ails you. There are many claims about tremendous weight loss, success with cancer in conjunction with other therapies, elimination of diabetes or reduction in its severity and reversal of the aging process. However, just as there is no one pill to take or food to eat or juice to drink that will eliminate every physical, mental or emotional issues you may be facing – drinking alkaline ionized water alone can’t do that either.

Alkaline ionized water is most effective when it is part of a healthy lifestyle. This includes improved nutrition, physical activity and removing or learning to cope with toxic people and environments. Below are actual results that have been reported to us by our customers.

Increase in physical energy

  • Increase in mental alertness
  • Improved ability to handle stress and anxiety
  • Reduction in body weight and fat
  • Reduced post work-out recovery time
  • Improvement in insulin regulation
  • Change in skin tone & texture (over time)
  • Reduction or elimination of bone and joint aches & pains
  • Increased mental stamina
  • Improved physical stamina
  • Reduced need for some medications

You can improve the effectiveness of adding alkaline ionized water by adapting a healthier diet. We don’t have any “break-through” diets to offer you, only what that has proven to be most effective time and time again:

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat your breakfast
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • Snack, snack, snack – healthy snacks throughout the day
  • 20 minutes of exercise a day – at least
  • Eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day – at least
  • Don’t overdo the protein
  • Fiber, fiber, fiber
  • 10 minutes a day of “meditation” or other quiet time to clear your mind
  • Avoid toxic people and situations – or stop giving them the power to affect you
  • (new friends are always nice)

For those of you who already practice these things your immediate results from drinking alkaline ionized water will be less noticeable. You will notice an increase in energy, mental alertness and stamina. For you, however, the results will come in 10 years… when you aren’t suffering from the same “ailments” – be they physical, mental or emotional – as everyone else your age.

I have a relatively healthy lifestyle myself. I didn’t get a water ionizer to lose weight – although I have a chronic 10 pounds that I’ve always been up and down with – or to address any other specific issue. I got a water ionizer as an investment in my future health.

At 43 and after having three children I was already having pain in my hips. To my surprise, that pain went away within the first week of drinking the water. What I am interested in is aging gracefully and being able to be active and independent into my 90’s and for as long as possible.

For me, once I did the research on the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water the investment was well worth it. Because I was on a tight budget and Watershed had no more GoldFox EP 1000’s in stock when I called, I chose the KYK Harmony. I have no doubt I’ll still be using the unit in 15 years – if I haven’t passed it along to another family member before then.

Your investment in a water ionizer should last you a very, very long time. Be realistic about your expected results and about the value of the water ionizer you choose. There aren’t a lot of products on the market at these prices that offer the warranties you’ll find on water ionizers or the potential benefits of use.

If you’d like help deciding which water ionizer best suits the needs of your household, call us anytime – Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm Eastern Time or click here to contact us by e-mail. We want to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

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