Water Ionizer Year in Review

Water Ionizer Year in Review

2009 Year in ReviewWant to know which company had the best selling water ionizer in 2009?  Which under counter models were winners with customers in 2009?

What about portable options?Find out which products were “best sellers” with Water Ionizer Authority customers in 2009 and why – countertop water ionizers, under counter water ionizers, portables and other “healthy water” products – all broken down by customer favorites according to sales.

***Information based solely on sales through Water Ionizer Authority.  I am an independent company and take great pains to NOT lead customers to any particular brand.  ***

Countertop Models

The hands down best selling water ionizer in 2009 was the KYK Genesis.

The KYK Genesis is no longer available. This model has been replaced by the IonQuench 8080. It is the same water ionizer, same internal components, operations, functions, features only this unit comes directly from EOS, the source manufacturer where the KYK Genesis was assembled by KYK using EOS parts and design. The IonQuench 8080 has a new look with silver face. The IonQuench filters have been upgraded and DO NOT CONTAIN SULFITES.

Water Ionizer Authority made the decision to carry the IonQuench 8080 over comparable versions of this unit based on lower replacement filter costs, elimination of sulfites in the filters and the IonQuench 7 year warranty on parts and labor. While Water Ionizer Authority could not offer Water for Life USA’s Genesis in Canada, IonQuench allows direct sales to customers in the US, Canada and worldwide including bonus packs.

KYK Genesis Water IonizerAfter going through the product comparison charts customers felt that this unit (now sold as the IonQuench IonQuench 80808080)  gave them the best bang for their buck.  With 4 alkaline, 4 acid and one neutral setting, the ability to make adjustments to the alkaline presets and a pH range of 10.6 to 4.0, many customers felt that this unit gave them everything they were looking for at a price they could swallow.

Customers also liked the “direct connect” installation option available  with this unit.  Every accessories pack includes a T-adapter that can be added to the cold water line below the sink.  Rather than having a water supply line running from the unit to a diverter on their faucet, customers have the option to use the T-adapter and connect the unit directly to the cold water line below the sink.  No clutter on the faucet and the unit is always ready for use with a constant, waiting water supply.

The KYK Genesis’ price, features, functions and sales events all combined to make this unit Water Ionizer Authority’s top selling counter top model in 2009.  Very low return rate, very high customer satisfaction rate.  Now replaced with the IonQuench 8080 with silver and white color design, elimination of sulfites in the filters, lower replacement filter cost and full 7 year warranty on parts and labor we are confident that this unit will once again be a top seller in 2010.

Tied for second place in counter top unit sales were the Tyent and Watershed Products.

Watershed Wellness CenterWatershed customers loved the price of these units ($650 – $1,499 for countertop models and $1,995 for the faucet-style under-counter model), overall simplicity of these units and higher flow rates.  Most Watershed customers were very “budget-minded” looking for a water ionizer that would reliably produce 9.5 alkaline water for drinking and basic acid levels for skin treatments and “first aid” uses.   The Watershed products delivered 100% of the time.

Direct connection to the cold water line below the sink is an option with the Watershed countertop models but you will need to visit a local hardware or plumbing supply store for a couple of additional parts.  One will be a T-adapter to fit the 3/8″ hose and the other will be a shut off valve to go inline near the unit.  Unlike the KYK Genesis and Tyent products, the on/off mechanism for the Watershed Products is when water begins to flow through the unit.  A simple inline valve can be placed on the water supply line so that when you want to use the unit you just open the valve.  The unit itself will still sit on the countertop, like the Genesis with the under-sink installation, and you will still have a hose that drains into the sink, like the Genesis, but rather than using the faucet diverter to send water to your Watershed water ionizer you will just open the inline valve which can be placed near the unit for convenience.

Of ALL the units I’ve sold I have fewer technical support calls on the Watershed products than any other line of water ionizers.  The basic installation is simple, the basic operation and settings adjustments are easy, and I just don’t hear back from my Watershed customers unless they need to order a replacement filter or just want to call and tell me how much they like their unit.

I shipped one Watershed unit to Pago Pago in American Samoa in 2009, it arrived shortly after the Tsunami there.  A couple of months later I shipped a second unit to a neighboring village there after my first customer got a friend hooked on the water.

Tyent LogoTied for 2nd place in sales with Watershed were the Tyent products.

Ease of operation, quality and just plain good looks made Tyent 7070 products a popular choice in 2009. As the year progressed, more happy Tyent customers began referring more and more friends and family to me.  Those referrals speak volumes about the Tyent products and I like to think it says a little something about the quality service I offer my customers here at Water Ionizer Authority.

Perhaps the biggest boost to Tyent sales in 2009 was the launch of their TURBO 7070 model.  While the regular 7070 model had issues producing good acid water levels in some areas, the TURBO 7070 is able to produce acid water with even the most stubborn source water.  In 2009 I had a customer who was having trouble getting acid water due to source water issues.  I shipped him several of my own personal units, including my Enagic SD501 with a bottle of enhancer solution, in an effort to find one that would give him an appropriate level of acid water to treatment of a specific condition.  After trying several, the one he found to be the best performer was Tyent’s TURBO 7070.  You can read the story here.

Other things customers liked about the Tyent were the ease of day to day operation and Tyent’s design and style options.

With Tyent products, the on/off mechanism for the unit is your selection of the level of water that you want.  If you want 9.5 pH water for drinking, you touch the preset that you have adjusted for that level and that’s what you get.  If you want acid water, you touch the acid preset level that you want and that’s what you get.  To turn the unit off you simply touch that same icon and the water flow stops.  No thinking, what you touch is what you get.

This feature has been a big bonus for households with children and elderly users.  Children are taught that they touch “Blue 1″ for drinking water.  Elderly users on medication are guided to press “H2O” when they need water for taking medication.  No worries about children getting alkaline water stronger than what they need, households with multiple users at different pH levels don’t have to worry about toggling up or down to get the level for their individual needs.

Customers also like the clean look of the Tyent 7070 products and the black/stainless steel option so that their water ionizer blends in with their other stainless steel of black kitchen appliances.

Like the IonQuench 8080, the Tyent products can be connected directly to the cold water supply under the sink, freeing up your faucet from a diverter and water supply hose.  With this type of installation, the unit has a constant supply of water giving customers true one-touch operation for any level of alkaline or acid water.

When you combine Tyent’s ease of operation, color/style options with the company’s new 10 year warranty on standard 7070 models and LIFETIME WARRANTY on the TURBO 7070, I think Tyent will be giving the KYK Genesis a run for its money for 1st place in 2010.

Under-Counter/Faucet-Style Models

Chanson VS70The top-selling under counter water ionizer in 2009 was Chanson’s VS70.  While I try not to steer customers toward any one product in particular, when someone asks about an under-counter water ionizer, Chanson’s VS70 is always my first recommendation.  After comparing for themselves, most customers agreed helping make the Chanson VS70 a top seller in 2009.

This unit had a number of things going for it in 2009.  Price was often a factor.  Compared to 5-plate under-counter models ranging in price from $1,995 to $2,695,  the 7-plate VS70 at only $2,195 was attractive to customers.  Late in the year Chanson announced that it was offering a lifetime warranty on parts in addition to the full 5-year warranty on parts and labor.

Another thing customers liked about Chanson’s VS70 was it’s unique control panel.  With “true” faucet-style water ionizers you can control the pH levels right on the faucet.  Chanson takes that one step further with a full color display screen.  While the screen is small, it tells you EXACTLY what is going on with your unit as you use it.

The Chanson VS70 is adjustable within each of the presets so that you can adjust the unit to optimal performance levels based on your source water.  All settings and adjustments are done through the control panel on the faucet itself.  The only time you have to go below the sink to access the unit itself is when you need to change the filters.

Another feature unique to the VS70 is a clock which displays on the control panel.  When not in use the control panel will go into “sleep” mode – to wake it up all you have to do is press the on/off button on the control panel.

Filter life & maintenance cost was another selling point for this unit.  Standard filter life for the VS70 is 12 months with a replacement filter cost of only $55.  Upgrading to the H3 Pre-filtration system – a triple canister pre-filter system which removes 99% of ALL contaminants from the water (including Fluoride & trace pharmaceuticals) is a popular add-on to the VS70.  Combining the cost of replacing the Chanson VS70 filter AND the filters in the H3 Pre-filtration system brings the annual maintenance cost up to a figure comparable to that of other top of the line water ionizers.

Another selling boost with Chanson’s VS70 is the company’s “healthy kitchen” package.  For an extra $250 customers were able to get a 22-piece stainless steel waterless cookware set valued at over $2,000.   It’s a cookware set that I’ve been wanting for over 20 years so I ponied up the extra moolah and got the cookware when I purchased a VS70 for my own kitchen.  Hard to say which I love more, my VS70 or the cookware.  The value of the Chanson VS70 alone makes it an easy choice for an under-counter water ionizer.  Adding the stainless steel cookware set was a no-brainer for me – and for many Chanson customers.

Other 2009 Top Sellers

The absolute overall best seller for the year was the H2Go Portable Water Ionizer.

But what made this 20-ounce “alkalizing pitcher” such an overwhelming best seller?  H2GoFiltration, filtration, filtration.  Plus ease of use, no assembly required and portability.

When properly stored between uses, the H2Go filter eliminates bacteria like E.Coli, B.Subtilis and S.Aurene, reduces heavy metals and removes chlorine up to 99%.   It comes fully assembled, you just need to condition the filter by soaking it in water, and fits easily into an oversized purse.  Airport security is not a problem – pass through the screening area with the H2Go empty, then fill it up anywhere before boarding your flight.  The H2Go has a secure fitting cap that will prevent spills until you’re ready for fresh, filtered, alkaline ionized water.

The H2Go is low maintenance – filters last about 90-days when used on a regular basis.  When not in use the filter can be stored alone or in the pitcher in the refrigerator to preserve the filter life.

I’m a road warrior, myself.  8-hour drives are common for me.  When I stop for gas and “convenience” I take my H2Go in with me and refill/filter inside.  Filtering 20 ounces of water usually takes around 60 seconds.

We’re not through the 3rd full week of the year and I’m already sold out of H2Go’s AGAIN!

Shower filters were another big seller this year.  AquaSana was the big winner in shower filters – thanks in part to their mention by Dr. Oz on his newly syndicated show.

Chanson Spa ShowerIn 2009 Chanson launched their own shower filter product, the Chanson Spa Shower.  It’s been a big hit with “green” consumers because it is a refillable product so there is no filter cartridge adding to a landfill somewhere.   For cost and eco-conscious consumers, the 12 to 18-month active life of the replaceable filter media has made the Chanson Spa Shower a preferred choice.

And after sitting on my shelf collecting dust for most of the year, there was 4th quarter explosion in sales of the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick.  It doesn’t filter, and at $79.99 for 6 months of use it’s a pricey product.  So who’s buying these?  Mostly athletes – and  yes, I’m counting golf as a sport.Hydrogen Rich Water Stick

Hydrogen Rich Water Stick users will put the stick in a 1-liter sports bottle adding filtered/bottled water on their way to their workout – by the time they get there, the water has been “activated” by the stick.  The gym, sideline, basketball court, golf course, etc. are not ideal places to use a “filter through” product, but bottled water is usually available to top of a 1 liter sports bottle that’s got a Hydrogen Rich Water Stick working inside.

It’s not a fast ionizing/alkalizing product like the H2Go, which has your water ready in about 60-seconds.  The Hydrogen Rich Water Stick takes about 20 minutes to fully activate the water.  Shaking can speed this up some.  Refilling your sports bottle with filtered/bottled water and shaking as you go will get you through a day on the golf course or keep you hydrated at the gym.

Water Ionizers Not Mentioned

Two very popular brand names didn’t even place in my “top sellers” for 2009.  Enagic’s “Kangen Water Machines” and the Jupiter line of water ionizers are both very popular out there.  So why weren’t they best sellers here at Water Ionizer Authority?

Both Enagic and the better Jupiter products (offered through IonWays) are sold through network marketing.  In most cases, customers asking about these products are already working with an independent distributor near them.   Most Enagic and IonWays customers have already decided to purchase a unit through their local distributor and are just calling me as an unbiased resource to answer a few lingering questions about the products and the companies.

While I did sell a few Enagic SD501′s, Jupiter Athenas, Delphi’s and other Jupiter models, most Enagic and IonWays/Jupiter callers made the decision to purchase these products through the independent distributor with whom they were already working.  Perfectly understandable.

My only regret in 2009 is that I couldn’t sell more products for more companies.   Every water ionizer company I deal with has been very supportive of both my efforts here at Water Ionizer Authority and my customers.    It’s tough to walk that “unbiased line” sometimes.   I do my best to let my customers lead me to the products that best for them by listening to their needs and helping them use the comparison information available on the website.   If a customer calls asking about a specific product, that’s the product we talk about – and if they ask about comparable products, we go straight to the product comparison charts.

At the end of the day it’s about the customer and helping each individual find the water ionizer that best fits their needs.  Taking time to listen, helping match customer needs with product features and functions makes everyone happy and keeps my “return for refund” rate very low.  Taking time to help my customers with technical support myself rather than passing them off to the parent company for assistance – well, I figure I helped that customer make that choice – I’m going to stand behind that product like it’s got my own name on it.