Water Ionizers Create Artificially Alkaline Water

Water Ionizers Create Artificially Alkaline Water

Someone recently pointed out an article that claimed that water ionizers create “artificially alkaline” water.  The claim is that the alkalinity of the water is artificially raised through the electrolysis/ionization process – that the pH is “artificial” because of a gap between the pH of alkaline ionized water and the actual presence of alkaline minerals in the water.

This is yet another false rumor in a long list of misinformation out there about water ionizers and the alkaline water industry.  Here’s a rundown of the “artificial” claims and the facts about alkaline water created by water ionizers.

How Water Ionizers Create Alkaline Water

During the process of ionization, water molecules are split apart and a negative hydroxyl ion is formed.  Inside the electrolysis/ionization chamber there are negative and positive poles.  Water containing negatively charged (alkaline) minerals are drawn to one side while water containing positively charged (acidic) minerals are drawn to the other.  Each “type” of water is dispensed through a separate outlet.  (for a more detailed explanation please read “How Alkaline Water Works in the Body”)

Without the presence of alkaline minerals in the water the water would not give an “alkaline” reading when tested with a meter or pH reagent drops.  There is no disparity between the presence of alkaline minerals and the pH level of the water.  The alkaline minerals that were present in the source water are still there, they have just been “sorted” and separated from the acidic minerals that were also present in the water.

Further False Claims

This author goes on to claim that drinking so-called “artificial alkaline water” can increase pH in the gut but that minerals are not available for absorption in the body leaving acidosis to run unchecked.

The fact is, because of the restructuring during the ionization process, the alkaline minerals found in ionized water are actually more readily absorbed by the body.  (Again, for a more detailed explanation of this please see the article“How Alkaline Water Works in the Body” )  In fact, one of the studies the author references clearly states that the absorption of minerals was greatly enhanced by consumption of alkaline ionized water.  But you won’t see that snippet on the page with the article – nor other conclusions drawn by the researchers about the information found in the abstract.  The purpose of the article appears to be strictly limited to selective use of information designed to promote the company’s $1,800 water filtration system.

Get the Facts

The internet is flooded with information about the benefits of drinking alkaline water produced by water ionizers.  There are a number of doctors and other health care practitioners here in the US that believe in and advocate the use of alkaline ionized water.  You’ll find far more research and information supporting the use of alkaline ionized water than information supporting claims of “artificially alkaline water” or “minerals are not absorbed” or any other sort of negative information about alkaline water and water ionizers.

Here area couple from my website alone:

Practicing physician in PA

Retired Navy physician in VA


There is no such thing as “artificially alkaline water.”  Water is considered either alkaline, neutral or acidic based on the amount of alkaline or acidic minerals found in the water.  Water ionizers do not add anything to the water, they simply “separate” the water with alkaline minerals from the water with acidic minerals while restructuring the water molecule clusters for better absorption.

With the growth in popularity and understanding of the benefits of drinking alkaline water produced by water ionizers, competitors in the water filtration industry are scrambling – many are resorting to campaigns of misinformation and selective use of research in attempts to strengthen their own position.  Water ionizers have been used for decades in Asia for treatment and prevention of disease.  There are numerous doctors, scientists and researchers who firmly stand behind alkaline ionized water for its potential to slow the onset of age-related disease and maintain health and proper body pH.