The Ionized College Student

The Ionized College Student

As of this week I’ll have two sons in college.  My oldest, a business major at the University of South Alabama and my middle son who starts at the University of Southern Mississippi this week.

While the two are as different as night and day, one thing they have in common – they both have water ionizers in their apartments.  I drove up to Hattiesburg last weekend to help Josh unpack boxes and set up his new place.  When he saw me bringing the water ionizer in from the car his eyes lit up, “Thanks Mom – I really appreciate that…”Austin and Joshua have been drinking alkaline ionized water for almost three years now – ever since their father got one of the original KYK Genesis units for their kitchen.  When Austin moved out of the house and into his condo near the University of South Alabama I gave him an IonQuench 8080 as a “condo-

KYK Generation II

warming” gift.  A year later he started his own water ionizer business, Tyent SuperStore and installed a Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme.

For Joshua’s place, I decided on a KYK Generation II water ionizer.  Operates just like the original KYK Genesis he was using at home – and, like the IonQuench, it will produce good quality alkaline ionized water without busting my wallet.


Going off to college – whether it’s just across town like my oldest or in another state like Josh – can be as stressful as it is exciting and liberating.  Living on your own for the first time, the responsibilities of maintaining a household, adjusting to “college life,” classes, schedule, balancing school with work with a social life – all of these combine to add new levels of stress which ultimately contribute to more toxins for the body to deal with.

Add to that the fact that college students aren’t often known for having the healthiest diets or eating habits.  Then there are the inevitable college parties and social gatherings loaded with food and beverage choices that add to stresses on the body.  Late nights studying (or partying – I’m a realist…) mean the body isn’t getting sufficient rest and rejuvenation.

My boys have learned that a glass of alkaline ionized water in the morning helps jump-start their day.  Drinking alkaline ionized water when they can during the day and in the evenings helps reduce the toxins in their system which contribute to mental and physical fatigue.  One of the most common reported benefits of drinking ionized water is an increase in mental and  physical stamina.  Austin and Joshua have experienced this first hand.

I can’t go with them to college to make sure their eating right or getting enough sleep – or making up their beds and keeping up with housework.  What I can do is make sure they have the best tools available to maintain their health and households.

Yes – it was a larger expense than most.  But knowing that my sons have the best quality of water possible, water that can actually help reduce the stressful effects of “adult life” and promote continued good health made it worth the investment.  Most water ionizers are designed to work for many years so my boys will have healthy, antioxidant water available long after they’ve finished college and perhaps even started families of their own.

It won’t be much longer before my youngest son heads off to college.  When he does you can bet installing a water ionizer at his new place will be at the top of my list of things to help him start his college life right.

Want to Ionize Your College Student Too?

Water ionizers are easy to use, easy to install and maintain.  Changing filters the filters once or twice a year and running a cleaning cartridge at least once a year are all that need to be done.

Models that have available cleaning cartridges start at around $1,500.  There are other models that cost less but the annual cleaning protocol is a little more involved.  The links below will show you options for water ionizers in the different price ranges.

Water Ionizers SALE Page
$1,500 – $2,000
$1,000 – $1,500
Under $1,000

For me, it was worth it.  My sons will likely have the water ionizers I gave them longer than any TV, DVD player, microwave, washer machine or dryer they now have.  It was an investment in their health, probably the best “going away/starting life” gifts I could give them.