Water & Your Health

Water & Your Health

Water & HealthDiabetes, obesity, allergies, digestion problems, arthritis, migraines, STRESS – all common conditions these days.  Billions of dollars are spent on medications and supplements designed to “cure” these issues – but what if there were a simple way to correct these conditions?  And what if there were no long list of potential side-effects from the treatment?

Did you know that a headache is often a sign of dehydration?
Did you know that mental and physical fatigue can be related to dehydration?
Did you know that skin and digestion problems were often cries from the body for more water?

Here are some things you should know about water and your health…

Most American’s fail to do the one simple thing that can help maintain their health – DRINK ADEQUATE AMOUNTS OF WATER.

Here are some facts about dehydration:

  • It is estimated that at least 75% of Americans are dehydrated.
  • The main cause of daytime fatigue is simply a lack of water.
  • In a University of Washington study, drinking just one glass of water when feeling hungry stopped the hunger pangs in 98% of dieters studied.
  • In a Washington University (St Louis) study water relived low back pain in 80% of suffers.
Our bodies are approximately 70 % water. When we don’t replenish the supply, we are failing to give our bodies what is needed to maintain proper function.  Soda’s, sports drinks, coffee, powdered drink mixes and even the “healthiest” of teas are NOT water.  Once you add something to water, it is no longer water – it has become a solution.  Water is what our bodies need to flush toxins and replenish our cells.

Not drinking the amount of water needed to clean, restore and replenish is one part of the problem.   As society we are also bombarded with toxins that are just part of our modern world.   Smog, plastics, stress, processed foods – Natural foods are even becoming more mineral deficient as “safety” processes like irradiation significantly reduce the nutritional value of what were once healthy foods.  When you add “stuff” to your water you are reducing its ability to flush toxins from your system and rehydrate your body’s cells.

Two common factors of disease found by heath researchers today are over-acidity and damage from free-radicals.   Many scientists now agree that these two factors are major factors in both disease and aging.   We all get older – that’s a natural part of life – but are we aging prematurely?   If you are not drinking enough water, chances are you are not working “with” your body to help bring the aging process back to a more “natural” rate.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is necessary for proper hydration and to help the body flush toxins from the system but not all water is created equal.

Here’s a rundown of our “modern day” water choices:

  • Tap Water: Over 2100 documented contaminants have been found in our nation’s tap water.   Arsenic, lead, trace pharmaceuticals, insecticides, nitrates, chlorine – the list goes on.  See for yourself – do an internet Tap Watersearch for “Water Quality Report” plus your local area or state.
  • Bottled Water: Bottles water can be a “cleaner” choice however many bottled waters actually come from a municipal water supply that has then gone through reverse osmosis.  This leave the water acidic – many companies will add minerals “for taste” which can also raise the alkalinity a bit.  If you are going to drink bottled water, make sure it is from a natural spring source and has not gone through reverse osmosis or distillation.  A side note – one of the worst problems with bottled water is the  plastic.  When inventory is not stored properly, chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water.  When not disposed of properly, we are adding to tons of waste that will be hear long after our great-grandchildren are gone.
  • Reverse-Osmosis or Distilled Water: This may be one of the worst things marketed as “what’s best” for us.  Reverse osmosis or distilled water is dead water.  It has been stripped of all minerals that naturally occur within water.  In the 70′s, drinking distilled water became a popular method of detox.  Shortly after it was discovered that the ‘mineral vacuum’ of the water was prone to drawing minerals from our bodies along with the toxins.
  • Filtered tap water: Filtering our home’s tap water is becoming more and more common.   From simple carbon filters to KDF (for removal of heavy metals) and other filtration media can remove many contaminants found in municipal source water.   The water will remain at the source pH level and mineral content will remain the same.  If your source water is “neutral” to “alkaline” on the pH scale, you’re doing okay.  Source water in some areas is actually acidic.  Still better than the other options we’ve discussed so far but you can still do better by your body.

What’s the best water?

Researchers studying health and longevity have found that the water available in some parts of the Lourdes in France or that of the Hunza region of Pakistan have properties which seem to extend life.   In Iceland, companies have begun bottling water from glacial ice melts. “International studies show that populations with little or no history of illness, such as cancer…, drink higher (pH) alkaline waters.  After all potential risk factors were considered and factored out, it became evident that they had been drinking waters with a pH of 9.0 to 10.0.” Dr. Leonard Horowitz in “Aids and Ebola”

These natural waters have a few things in common:

  • Highly Alkaline
  • Highly Ionized, meaning:
  • Super –Antioxidant (flooded with negatively charged ions)
  • High Bioavailable Oxygen
  • MicroClustered for Deeper Hydration

In an ideal world, we’d all have one of these “pristine” sources of water available.  In reality, we live in a modern, industrialized world.  Environmental toxins, trace pharmaceuticals and chemicals leach into our groundwater supplies.  Municipalities focus on making our water “safe” by adding chemicals to kill bacteria.  Many areas across the country add chemicals to reduce turbidity ( make the water clearer).  Our water is far from pristine and, while clear and free from bacteria, is a long way from “natural” or “healthy.”

What’s the solution?

Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer

Water ionizers have been used for many years in Asia, both in medical facilities and in homes.  These devices pass water through an electrolysis chamber which restructures the water into smaller, hexagonal clusters while raising the pH of the water.  The water electrolysis process returns the water to a state comparable to that of water found in areas where longevity is the norm and disease is rare.

When water passes through an electrolysis chamber it receives an electrical charge.  This electrical charge splits the H2O compound producing negative hydroxyl which are known anti-oxidants.  Dissolved minerals in the water are drawn to either a positive or negative pole (sodium, for example carries a negative charge while calcium carries a positive charge).  By drawing alkaline/acidic minerals to each pole the water is separated into alkaline and acidic.  The alkaline water is directed to flow through one exit port while the acidic water flows through another.  By adjusting the amount of electricity sent to the plates in the electrolysis chamber, the level of acid/alkaline separation is increased or decreased, giving the user control of the amount of the level of alkalinity of the water being produced.  The amount of electricity used in the electrolysis (or ionization – as we are increasing the negative hydroxyl ions available) process also determines the antioxidant properties of the water.

Doctors in Asia have found that treating patients with alkaline ionized water speeds the healing process.  They have also found that topical applications of the acid water byproduct increases the rate of healing of cuts, burns and other injuries to the skin.  Chronic skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, acne or bedsores are relieved and kept at bay with continued application of acidic water while consumption of alkaline ionized water works to rehydrate the cells and reduce the toxins that cause these maladies.

In 1924, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for his research indicating that cancer was the result of an over acidic system.   Excess acids in our system replace oxygen which our cells need to regenerate.  Over time, the overly acidic and oxygen deprived cells become diseased and diseases such as cancer and diabetes begin to form.

In the US, many individuals who have suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses that are now common and associated with aging, have seen positive health results from drinking alkaline ionized water.  The alkalinity of the water helps support the body’s natural pH balance while the antioxidant properties of the water flush toxins from the system and provide oxygen to the cells for regeneration.  Bowel function improves, helping eliminate waste from the body.  Oxygen levels in the blood improve which results in the “increased mental/physical” energy reported by most individuals drinking alkaline ionized water.   More and more cancer patients are adding alkaline ionized water as part of their healing therapy.   Finally we are also beginning to see medical practitioners treating cancer patients suggest alkaline ionized water as part of cancer treatment programs.

What You Can Do:  Good, Better, BestDrink More Water

GOOD: At the very least DRINK MORE WATER!  Your body needs it to help flush the system and rehydrate your cells.  Movie stars with beautiful skin, professional athletes – ask these people and they will tell you that one of their secrets is drinking lots of water every day.

BETTER: Filter your water.  “Point of use” filtration systems are relatively inexpensive and can remove chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants found in source water.  By removing these contaminants from the water filterwater you drink you will reduce the number of toxins going into your system allowing the water you drink to flush more toxins out.

BEST: Drink alkaline ionized water.  Water ionizers not only filter out chemicals and other impurities but actually restructure the water so that it is better absorbed by the body.  The anti-oxidant properties of alkaline water ionizerionized water helps flush oxidizing (aging) elements from the body while the increased pH of the water helps support they body’s natural pH balance.

Water ionizers range in price from $650 to $4,000 depending on the options you choose.  Even at $650 you will have a product that will produce alkaline ionized water at a level known to improve health.  Portable ionizer products are available for as little as $65.  These are less convenient for “family” use but can be taken with you anywhere you go to produce alkaline ionized water, free from chlorine and other contaminants using water available at any tap.

If you have questions about water ionizers or water filtration products, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us here at Water Ionizer Authority.  We’re available to answer your questions about these products and help you choose the right product for your personal use.

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority