Waterman Pitcher is now the H2Go

Waterman Pitcher is now the H2Go

My hands down favorite portable water ionizer solution has been the Waterman Pitcher.  That remains the same but there have been a couple of changes with this product.

The Waterman Pitcher has been repackaged as the H2Go and now includes a set of pH testing drops so users can see just how powerful this little portable water ionizer really is…

The Waterman Pitcher, now sold as the H2Go has been my portable water ionizer of choice since I first discovered it.  No other portable water ionizer that I have found offers the same level of filtration or ease of use and maintenance.   Nothing has changed about the product itself, only the name and packaging – but now people who took this product’s alkalizing ability at face value will have the ability to test the water for themselves.

The H2Go now comes complete with a set of pH testing drops. Test your source water pH to see what you’re starting with – then test the water after filtering it through the H2Go.  I’m sure that you’ll be just as impressed as I was am.

Using an actual ORP meter I have seen readings as high as -350 which is considered by many the ideal -ORP for drinking on a regular basis.

The water taste and texture is improved over regular tap or bottled water.   When a friend recently tried water from my H2Go her comment was “the water seems ‘wetter’ – how’d you do that?”

There are a number of portable alternatives out there but I haven’t found any that offer the combination of quality filtration with ionization. “Alkalizing drops” effectively raise the pH of the water but do nothing to filter out any impurities – so you’re still getting whatever exists in your tap water – or you’re still spending money on bottled water and contributing to plastic waste.  Also, most drops come with a warning about the maximum amount of the solution you are supposed to use in a day.

“Drop in Stick” portable products are also good alternatives but I don’t find them to be as cost effective.  Some sell for almost $80 and will only last about 6 months.  They don’t filter anything out of the water so again, you’re either still getting impurities from your source water or you’re spending money on bottled water and contributing to plastic build-up in our landfills.

Your H2Go will filter 16 – 20 ounces in less than a minute.  Just remove the cap and filter cover, flip the cap over and insert it into the top of the pitcher – the cap is now the filter reservoir.  Fill the cap and watch the filtration begin.  Once the water has filtered into the pitcher, remove the cap, replace the filter cover and pour!

Most of my water ionizer customers ask me about bottling water to take with them when they go to work or when they travel.  I always recommend taking a an H2Go with them instead.  The H2Go is lightweight and fits easily in an oversize purse or your airline carry-on bag.

I’m such a believer in this product that I offer it free with most water ionizer purchases.  Call to find out if the water ionizer you’re considering qualifies for the FREE H2Go offer.

For more information about the H2Go products, please visit our Portable Water Ionizer store page by clicking on the image below.