Watershed EC550 Customer

Watershed EC550 Customer

Watershed EC550

Whenever I have a customer looking for a water ionizer under $1,000 I always send them straight to the Watershed line of products.

Some are concerned that a lower cost water ionizer won’t deliver satisfactory results – but that is not the case!

Here’s what one Watershed EC550 customer had to say after her first year with the product….

Hi Romi,

I purchased the Watershed 550 water ionizer from you over a year ago and I wanted to let you know it is probably the one item I have purchased that has actually changed my life.  I not only drink the water all of the time but also feed it to my animals.  I have a Guinea pig rescue for animals with special needs, especially congestive heart failure from scurvy.  The ionized water has actually helped them live longer lives.  My cats really enjoy it too, and like to drink it straight from the nozzle.

One of my pigs had heart disease so advanced that he lost the use of his hind legs from poor circulation.  I offered him the ionized water in one water bottle and regular filtered water in another.  He immediately dragged himself over to the ionized water and began drinking it.  Within a week, he was able to walk normally again and passed away recently at the age of at least 8 years old, which is old for Guinea pigs, especially with heart problems.

Personally I have noted a vast improvement in my health.  I also noticed if I drink any other type water, bottled or otherwise, it actually makes me feel sick.
Thanks for your help when I purchased the ionizer.  I just ordered the ultra filter for it.
Leslie A.

Thank you so much for your feedback, Leslie!  I’m so glad you’ve been happy with your EC550 and to hear the benefits that you’ve experienced!

One of the first two water ionizers I chose for myself and my family were Watershed products priced under $1,000.  I made my choice based on cost AND because I wanted to feel confident recommending these more affordable models.

My Watershed units are just as effective today as they were when I bought them three years ago and every Watershed customer I’ve taken care of has been very pleased with the one they chose for their home.
Romi Sink

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