Watershed Odyssey Under Counter Water Ionizer Review

Watershed Odyssey Under Counter Water Ionizer Review

The Odyssey is an excellent option for those looking for an under counter water ionizer without the higher price tag found with most under counter models.  As with other “true” under counter models, the water ionizer unit itself sits under the sink and you have full control of the 7 pH levels right on the faucet.  But what makes the Odyssey stand out is it’s triple filtration system.

If you’re considering an under-counter water ionizer option you should take a closer look at what the Odyssey has to offer…

The Basics

The Watershed Odyssey is a 4-plate water ionizer operating on 130 watts of SMPS regulated power.  Your Odyssey has a total of 7 presets – 4 alkaline, 2 acidic and 1 neutral – and you have the option to adjust the power within each preset to fine tune the units’ performance to your source water.

While results will vary based on your source water, most customers should have no trouble reaching an alkaline pH of 10 to 10.5 and acidic levels of 4 to 4.5.  Although the ORP can reach as high as -600 in some areas you should remember that once you go over a -350 ORP, the body doesn’t experience any significant increase in antioxidant benefit.

Just like Watershed’s counter top water ionizer, the Odyssey under counter model has an automated cleaning cycle that runs every 12 hours.  If your first use is at 6am, when you get ready to use the unit again after 6pm the Odyssey will first run a brief cleaning cycle that lasts 10 to 15 seconds.   The water being produced during the cleaning cycle will be acidic and can be used for watering plants, wiping down counters or freshening up produce.

Triple Filtration

What makes the Odyssey under counter ionzier unique is its triple filtration system.  The Odyssey was the first water ionizer we found that offered a triple filtration system.  Taking advantage of it’s “under counter” placement, the system uses three separate cartridges for optimal filtration that allows you to use the unit with almost any source water.

The first filter is a carbon sediment filter to remove excess particulates from the water and provide the first level of contaminant removal.  The second filter is a KDF filter for removal of lead, iron, mercury, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine.  KDF filtration media can also aid in the prevention of scale build-up.  The third filter is an activated carbon filter for removal of chlorine and chloramines with an additional layer of filtration for smaller particulates.

Most customers will replace the Odyssey filtration system about every 9 – 12 months, depending on usage and replacement cost for the triple filtration system is surprisingly affordable.  Replacing all 3 filter cartridges will only cost just under $100 plus shipping which is comparable to the cost of filter replacement in some single-filter water ionizers.

Watershed Quality

One of the first water ionizers I purchased for my family was a Watershed product.  I can say that my first water ionizer from Watershed is working as well today as it did when I first got it almost 3 years ago.  Since that time I’ve sold many Watershed water ionizers and have never had a single return on one of their products.

Watershed products are manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind using the industry standard platinum coated titanium electrodes.  The company stands behind their products with a 5 year warranty on parts and labor and to date we have yet to have a customer contact us about an issue under warranty.  These products work well and are designed to last.

Not Your Average Water Ionizer Company

While Watershed is in the water ionizer business, the company is a “wellness company” with a history of providing quality natural health products in the US.  The owner, Bob McCauley has authored several books on health and nutrition including “Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water,” a guide to understanding and using alkaline ionized water.

Bob is second-generation in the water treatment business, starting out with his father in the water business.  Long before he began selling water ionizers he understood the in’s and out’s of water quality and treatment which gives us extra confidence in the water ionizers he offers through Watershed Wellness center.

Summary & Conclusions

Most people are looking for a water ionizer primarily for producing alkaline ionized water at the 9.5 pH level for drinking.  The Odyssey will provide that and more – without adding another bulky appliance to your counter top.

The slim, sleek faucet mounts easily on your sink in just a few minutes.  The standard size hole used for pull out sprayers and sink-mounted soap dispensers can be used for the installation and you’ve got full control of every preset right on the faucet.

You should have no trouble reaching the 9.5 pH level for drinking and most customers will be able to achieve a pH over 10.0 for cleaning produce and other household uses.  On the acidic side, the water produced by the Odyssey is suitable for use as a “first aid” treatment for cuts, scrapes, burns or stings, can be used as a mouthwash or for washing your face or using as a skin toner.

At $1,999 the Odyssey delivers everything that most water ionizer customers are looking for in a water ionizer – for less than the cost of most other under counter water ionizers and no other under counter water ionizer at this price point offers the same level of filtration.

Backed by a company with decades and experience in water treatment, water ionization and natural health and nutrition, we’re confident in the quality of the Odyssey under counter water ionizer and have no hesitation recommending it to customers.

If you’d like to look at the specifics of the Watershed Odyssey or if you’re ready to order yours now, please see our store page for this product by clicking the image below.

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