What are the most popular alternatives to the Enagic SD501

What are the most popular alternatives to the Enagic SD501

That’s an easy question to answer.  Most people looking for alternatives to Enagic’s SD501 are looking for good quality alkaline ionized water without having to pay the $4,000 Enagic price and there are 3 alternatives that these customers choose time and time again…. Number 1 for “SD501 alternative” has been the KYK Genesis/Generation II.  Originally sold through Water for Life USA as the “Genesis” the KYK water ionizer is now sold directly through KYK USA as the Generation 2 water ionizer.  With 7 plates, full adjustability within the alkaline presets, 250 watts of advanced SMPS power and a 7-year warranty on parts and labor the Generation II water ionizer offers considerably more machine for the money than the Enagic SD501.

The KYK products were the best selling water ionizers for most multi-brand water ionizer dealers in 2009 and the Generation II has remained a very popular choice with a high customer satisfaction rate.  You can learn more about the KYK Generation II by clicking on the links below:

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The next most popular choice are the Tyent TURBO products.  Tyent’s TURBO water ionizers are industry leaders in plate size, power, technology and warranty.  Every Tyent TURBO product comes with a full LIFE TIME WARRANTY on parts AND labor – you’re Tyent is covered for as long as you own it.

The 9090 TURBO Extreme, Tyent’s top of the line, has 9 hybrid-mesh plates for optimal ionization potential and 375 watts of advances SMPS Power.  Customers looking for something “nicer” to sit on their counter appreciate the black/stainless steel or white/stainless steel style options available with the 9090 TURBO Extreme model.  This model comes standard with .01 micron ultra filtration but will also operate effectively should you choose to downgrade to the standard Tyent filters when it’s time to replace the filters.   The Tyent 9090 TURBO Extreme retails for $3,495 but watch for sales – Tyent often puts this unit on sale with prices as low as $2,495.  Special packages are also available that include a free set of replacement filters or other value added items.

Tyent’s TURBO 7070 model has 7 hybrid-mesh plates and operates at a maximum of 285 watts of power.  Like the 9090, the TURBO 9090 water ionizer is fully adjustable within each of the presets with dual filtration.  Color/Style options for the 7070 are black/stainless steel and white/silver.  There’s an upcharge for the black/stainless steel option but, as someone with all black/stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, it’s worth the little extra to have the unit blend in with every other appliance in the kitchen.

The TURBO 7070 retails for $2,695 but Tyent sometimes authorizes discounts on this unit bringing the price down to $2,195.  That’s almost half the cost of Enagic’s SD501 for a water ionizer that produces the same quality of alkaline or acidic ionized water – but with Tyent you’re getting dual filtration, full adjustability with the presets, a full lifetime warranty on parts and labor AND Tyent TURBO water ionizers never need any sort of chemical enhancer solution to produce the strong alkaline or acidic pH levels.

Read reviews about the Tyent TURBO water ionizers or check the Tyent Store for special pricing and packages.

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Finally, for customers who are looking for quality alkaline ionized water for considerably less I always recommend the Watershed line of water ionizers.  Some of the first water ionizers I purchased for my own family were Watershed Products.  My decision was based on the same thing that many customers consider when purchasing their first water ionizers:  COST.

Watershed water ionizers start as low as $650 and top out at $1,995 for their under counter model.  These Watershed water ionizers will produce alkaline water at the 9.5 pH level recommended for drinking and are also capable of producing acidic water suitable for treating common skin conditions, cleaning and for treating minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

The EC450 model – a very popular choice because of the $650 price tag – will have no trouble producing alkaline water at the 9.5 level and many customers are able to achieve a 10 – 10.5 pH at the strongest alkaline setting.  Other models can easily go over the 10.5 pH and can produce stronger acidic levels – but as is the case with all water ionizers, your actual results will vary based on your source water.

We’ve got a lot of happy Watershed customers.  You can read our reviews and comparison of Watershed products or visit the store to decide which Watershed water ionizer might be right for you.

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