Why Filter Clean Water?

Why Filter Clean Water?

Why Filter Clean Water?

This primarily addresses the pros and cons of filtering municipal tap water that has been treated to adhere to government standards of water quality.  Most water treatment centers around neutralizing bacteria and pathogens that are either found in or can develop in municipal water supplies.

Every municipal water source has water quality standards that must be met to ensure “safe” drinking water.  These standards address what is in the water that is being delivered to homes and at what levels.  Chlorine and Fluoride are the two most common additives used eliminate bacteria and pathogens to prevent disease.

Chlorine itself is a known carcinogen, but that’s not the end of it.  When chlorine combines with organic materials found in source water it forms byproducts, most commonly Trihalomethanes or THM.  THM’s include chloroform, promoform and dichlorobromethane – all known carcinogens.  The EPA has recognized the health risks of these disinfectant byproducts and has set “acceptable standards” for quanities in drinking water.  If you are drinking city/municipal water, you are also consuming THM’s.

THM’s have been associated with early-term miscarriages and slow fetal development.  Chloroform, one of the THM chemicals, has also been linked to cancer and tumors of the liver and kidneys.  Studies have found a significant link between drinking chlorinated water and increased incidents of both bladder and colorectal cancers.

At this point, chlorine seems to be a necessary evil to keep our municipal water supplies safe from disease forming pathogens and bacteria.  There are options for removing chlorine and its byproducts.  Most are more affordable than switching to bottled water and more environmentally friendly than adding to the number of plastic bottles in our nation’s landfills.

“Ultimate Pre-Filtration” – Reverse osmosis purification systems remove EVERYTHING from source water.  Chemicals, pesticides, trace pharmaceuticals, chlorine, bactera – everything.  The downside to reverse osmosis is that it leaves water “empty” which causes it to draw key minerals from our bodies.  It also leaves water “acidic” which is known to weaken the immune system and promote early aging.

Reverse Osmosis with a re-mineralizing filter will effectively remove everything from your water, but will add back in trace minerals which are healthy for the body and can leave the water less acidic.
The RO with Pre-Filtration system that I sell costs $380 and your annual maintenance cost will be around $200.  You can find detailed information on the “Ultimate Pre-Filtration System” here.

Filtration for City Water w/Fluoride – This system has been called the next best thing to RO.  It will effectively remove chlorine, chloramines, THM’s, Fluoride, heavy metals and a number of other contaminants found in city water.  This system sells for $200 and your annuall maintenance cost will be around $150.  You can find more information on this pre-filtration system here.

“At the Very Least” – At the very least you should consider a filter that removes chlorine.  The chlorine filter I recommend and sell effectively removes chlorine, some bacteria, bad odor and taste and other basic contaminants.  You can find the Chlorine pre-filter here.

“The Very Best” – Water Ionizers effectively remove chlorine, most bacteria, odor, bad taste and up to 50% of fluoride.  In addition to providing “clean” water, these units give you the option to adjust the alkalinity of the water.
Through the process of electrolysis, the molecular structure of the water is changed, reducing the water cluster size, separating alkaline from acid and creating antioxidant properties.

Any sort of supplement taken with alkaline ionized water will be absorbed more quickly by the body.  For this reason, taking prescription medication with alkaline ionized water is not advised.  Every water ionizer has a “neutral” setting where water is filtered but no ionization takes place.  This is the setting you would use to take prescription medications or to produce water to drink with meals.  The alkalinity of the water neutralizes the stomach acids necessary to properly break down foods so that the body can absorb the nutrients.  You should avoid drinking alkaline ionized water at or within 30 minutes of meals.

Alkaline ionized water drinkers have seen improvements in diabetes, blood pressure and digestive problems.  The anti-oxidant properties of the water along with the alkalinity reduce acidity in the system and help flush toxins from the body.  Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.  Drinking alkaline ionized water can boost your immune system.

For more information on the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water please visit http://www.waterionizerauthority.com/articles/health/

Water Ionizers range in price from $650 to $4,000.  The annual maintenance costs of water ionizer (filter replacement) are between $55 – $200 depending on the water ionizer you choose and your actual usage.  For information on the water ionizers available please visit http://www.waterionizerauthority.com/buyers-guide/water-ionizer-comparison-charts/

A quick word about what really happens when you take a shower.  Chlorine and THM’s are absorbed through digestion (drinking) but they are also absorbed by inhalation and through the skin.  Blood sample analyses of 25 women concluded that THM concentrations were increased four-fold after showering with water that had been treated with Chlorine.
You can find more detailed information about chlorine, trihalomethanes and water here at these sites:  http://www.theolivebranch.com/water/trihalo.htm

I use and recommend Shower Green Vitamin C shower filters.  They remove chlorine and other contaminants.  Aside from reducing your exposure to chlorine while bathing, other happy side effects that I have experienced have been shinier, more manageable hair, softer skin and a significant improvement in a skin condition I have had most of my life – tiny bumps on my upper arms.

After discovering what a difference a filtered shower could make I gave these filters away to all of my family members for Christmas.  My father visited me shortly after I installed mine and asked me to order one for him to have when he got back home.

I recommend using a hand-held wand with at least a four-foot hose with your shower filter.  When I take a bath I prop the shower wand up on the side of the tub and fill the tub with filtered water.  My dog is less “itchy” since I started using the Aquasana Shower to bathe her.  The handheld wand option is also helpful when bathing small children.

For more information on the Shower Green Shower filter please visit http://www.waterionizerauthority.com/store/shower-bath/alkalux-vitamin-c-shower-filter.html

Whether you have immediate health issues that you are trying to address or you are looking for something to add to your overall health and wellness plan, START WITH YOUR WATER.  At the very least, limiting your exposure to known carcinogens will reduce your risk of cancer.  Many people who begin filtering their water or using a water ionizer find that they actually start drinking more water – which is recommended by almost any doctor.

Sadly we may never be able to stop the pollution of our planet’s water supplies.  With big business, big money and big government all wheeling and dealing, the prognosis for our plantet’s source water just isn’t good.  And for the time being, the most reliable way to remove the threat of pathogens and bacteria from our water supplies seems to be continued use of chlorine as a disinfectant.

Take a few moments to do some research yourself – you’ll find a wealth of information on the hazards of disinfectant byproducts.  Then weigh your options.  Bottled water versus filtering at home.  In most cases, after the initial investment you’ll be paying far less to maintain point-of-use filter products in your home than buying bottled water.  And you’ll be doing your part to slow the build-up of plastics in our landfills.

For more information on the filtration products mentioned here you can visit our store at, WaterIonizerAuthority.com/Store.

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