Why We Chose Tyent – Customer Story

Why We Chose Tyent – Customer Story

This is one of the most informative “testimonials” I’ve received from a customer.

“Joji” and his wife share their story about how they ultimately decided on a Tyent water ionizer – from learning about alkaline water, to their research into water ionizer products as well as their experience with their Tyent MMP-7070. 

My wife and I began looking for a water ionizer after hearing about the Enagic ionizer.  The Enagic had lots of good information about ionized water, although the product was very expensive.  After doing several internet searches, the consensus for the product was that it was fine, but highly overpriced due to the compensation structure of the sales representatives.  At this time we started looking for alternatives.  We liked the idea of ionized water but wanted a good deal.

After reviewing several models from several manufacturers, we had narrowed the field down to Tyent, Jupiter, and IonQuench.  All appeared to have favorable reviews (the YouTube videos comparing them were very helpful).  We finally decided on the Tyent 7070 for a couple reasons.

  • The Tyent ionizers are able to reach the higher pH without chemicals
  • Most Tyent models had large plates (indication of higher performance)
  • Tyent has a long warranty (some models even have a lifetime warranty).
    • This was probably the critical factor in making our decision.
    • While we did not go with the lifetime warranty model, we figured a company that was willing to do that had a pretty good quality control process

We’ve been using the 7070 for over 6 months now and are very satisfied with our decision.  Overall the unit has performed exceptionally, and has been providing us with clean alkalized water daily.  The water is clean, and honestly tastes better than your typical bottled water.  We actually find ourselves drinking more water than before and actually feeling our body craving more water.

Right now the only downside I have about the Tyent is the adapter that you need to install on your sink’s faucet.  It doesn’t seem to have a complete solid seal when diverting the water to the ionizer.  If left on, there will be a steady dripping from the bottom of the adapter.  While not a big deal, it can be annoying because our child doesn’t always remember to turn the faucet off so there is wasted water.  I have considered attaching the unit directly to the water source, but haven’t done so yet.

Overall the 1 small complaint I have about the unit is minor compared to the positives.  I can’t say that the Tyent is better than other models (haven’t tested them myself), but I can say I am happy with my purchase and would make the same decision.

On a side note, Water Ionizer Authority and Tyent are good companies to deal with.  When I first got my unit, the LCD screen was cracked, probably in shipment.  I called Romi and we got a replacement unit delivered in 2 days with no charge.

“Joji & Wife”
North Carolina

Shipping mishaps do happen – UPS is less than gentle with their packages – I remember one customer that had a particularly bad carrier somewhere between the warehouse and her front door – we actually had to ship a total of four units – the last in a VERY oversized box with almost six inches of packing peanuts on every side of the unit – before one arrived without damage during shipping.  Even then, one of the outer corners of the box was smashed in.

While having units damaged during shipping is more the exception than the rule, for Water Ionizer Authority and the companies we represent, taking care of these issues as quickly as possible is the ultimate rule – so far, in the few instances where this has happened, companies have gone above and beyond to ensure a replacement unit is delivered as quickly as possible along with a return shipping label for the damaged product.

As for Joji’s leaky faucet diverter, we’re going to work on that – it should be a simple fix – and you can always avoid faucet diverter issues by using an alternate installation method which allows you to connect your water ionizer directly to the cold water line below the sink.  With the right alternate installation kit, any water ionizer can operate independent of the faucet.

These basic alternate installation kits are relatively inexpensive – for some models you just need one $20 part and a little extra hosing – and the installation itself can be completed in less than 30 minutes with no plumbing experience needed.

Thank you so much, “Joji” – and wife – for sharing your story – and for giving the whole story about your experience, not just the “I love my water ionizer part.”  Not only have you helped others understand the how’s and why’s of your family’s decision, but you’ve given them a realistic picture of some of the little things that can happen along the way – and how they can expect things to be handled if something like this happens to them as a Water Ionizer Authority customer.

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