Why We No Longer Carry Life Products

Why We No Longer Carry Life Products

LIFE Ionizers is a registered trademark

Our decision has nothing to do with the quality or performance of the LIFE water ionizer products. Our decision to no longer carry LIFE Water Ionizer products was made based on what we feel are unethical practices – taking the information we worked tirelessly to gather and convert into comparison charts for consumers and using it to create a duplicate website – which claims to be an independent and unbiased website selling all water ionizer brands but which is in fact owned and operated by the same company who imports and sells the LIFE water ionizer products.

We here at Water Ionizer Authority spent countless hours gathering information on the various water ionizer products available. We took this information and created the product comparison charts you’ll find on our site, the store pages with detailed specs on each water ionizer unit and our product ratings chart. We launched our site in May of 2008.
In the fall of 2008 we discovered Water Ionizer Expert – although they have made various changes to their website since then, the website completely duplicated the information that we worked so hard to collect and put into comparison charts. We did our research and found that the domain was registered in such a way as to not show the actual owner. We did find that the creator of the website was also the creator of several other websites owned by LIFE. We also found that the nameserver (which can also indicate hosting) was the same as other websites owned by LIFE.

To our knowledge, both WaterIonizerExpert.com and DiscountWaterIonizer.com sell LIFE water ionizers exclusively although they appear to offer other brands on their website. We know of no other water ionizer brand/company who claims either WaterIonizerExpert.com or DiscountWaterIonizers.com as an authorized dealer/distributor for their products.

We had a customer call us by mistake asking about the LIFE water ionizer that they had ordered, saying that they spoke with the owner of our company, Rick. Rick Cabados is the owner of the company that imports and sells LIFE water ionizers – and who is the apparent owner of Water Ionizer Expert and the other LIFE websites.
We offer the following documentation in support of our claims:

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This shows that the WaterIonizerAuthority domain was registered in May 2008 and the WaterIonizerExpert domain was registered several months later in August 2008.

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Purchase Receipt

This shows the receipt I received when I made a purchase through Water Ionizer Expert, the charge and associated phone number that appeared on my bank statement as a result of that purchase and also the charge and associated phone number that appears on our Water Ionizer Authority bank statements when we make purchases through LIFE on behalf of our customers. You will see that the phone number is the same – all linking to HealthStores.com, a company owned by Rick Cabados – owner of LIFE Ionizers and LifeIonizers.com.

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E-mail Return Path

This shows the return path from the e-mail receipt that I received from my purchase with WaterIonizerExpert and the return path for the e-mails I have recieved from the General Manager of LIFE. Both go through the same webhost company. We do not believe that you will find 2 water ionizer companies using the same webhosting company due to the competitiveness found in this industry.

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E-mail Source Code

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This shows the source coding from the e-mail receipt I received after my purchase from WaterIonizerExpert and a screen shot of the Google Search results for the 888 688 8889 number that appears. You will see that this phone number links directly to lifeionizers.com and is associated with an e-mail address for their owner, Rick Cabados.