Why you should care about the water you drink

Why you should care about the water you drink


Often, when I tell people about ionized water, I hear them say, I’m not too worried about the water I drink.

These same people will be very focused on eating healthy, on using chemical free products to clean their house and clothes, they don’t smoke or do drugs.  Yet they don’t think the water they drink is important.

It really makes me wonder – how misinformed are we in our society that we’re not really concerned about the water we drink?  How is it that we spend so much money in expensive cars, flat screen TV’s, organic foods, yet we still put reclaimed toilet water into our bodies?

I don’t even have to get too scientific, I can just talk to you in common sense language.

70-75% of our bodies are made of water.  Have you ever stopped to think about why?  Why are our bodies comprised of SO MUCH water?  How does this water affect us? How does it affect our health, or state of mind, our well-being?  Is it possible that the quality of our water really doesn’t have an impact at all?  What do you think all of that water is doing to our internal organs, the substance that they swim in?

We are not made of 70% blood, or 70% muscle, or 70% coal – we are made of 70% water.  Doesn’t it follow that we should pay attention to the single substance that comprises the largest percentage of our body?

Obviously, the water we drink matters.  It matters a lot.

Now let’s travel back in history for a moment.  Historically, we always drank water from natural springs.  There were clean, full of minerals, full of life.  When was the last time you drank from a natural spring?

This fact is very important because we need to drink water that is alive.  We need to drink water that has minerals.  We need to drink water that can positively support our bodies.

The best kind of water to drink is alkaline ionized water.  This water has the same quality as melted snow water, which is the best water anyone can drink.  This water is alive, has the minerals we need, and is highly structured.  Its molecular components support the proper functioning of our internal organs.

Some studies have been conducted that prove that the water surrounding cancerous or diabetic cells is highly unstructured, wheares water surrounding healthy cells are largely stuructured and hexagonal.

All I ask is that you stop and think about it for a moment.  DO some research.  You put water into your body every day.  Make sure you are not inadvertently contributing to compromised health in the future.   Drinking bad water is worse than smoking, it will wreak havoc on your entire body.

Do the research.  Learn about the need for your body to maintain an alkaline pH.  Learn about the benefits of ionized, hexagonal water.  At least get enough information so you can make an informed decision.

Written by Marcela DeVivo for Water Ionizer Authority