Win, Win, Next….

Win, Win, Next….

Mark Hollis, our “ionized athlete” continues to win as he moves closer towards his goal of making the Olympic team. At recent events in Grand Haven, Michigan and Champaign, Illinois he took the top spots. The Grand Haven jump came only 2 days after his return from Greece.

Over the years I’ve heard back from several “exercise enthusiasts” who say that their workouts have been more productive and their post-workout recovery times have been shorter since they began drinking alkaline ionized water. My youngest son is in a very aggressive marching band with workouts that rival that of their football team. “All-day” Saturday sessions are not uncommon and he leaves the house with his CamelBak water pack filled with alkaline ionized water.

The molecular restructuring of alkaline ionized water allows the body to absorb the water at a higher rate than regular tap or bottled water. The body is better hydrated and the “O” portion of the h2o allows better oxygenation of the blood. Better hydration and better oxygenation can allow the body to do more for and for longer periods of time. Post-event fatigue can be reduced as can post-workout muscle soreness. The alkalinity of the water and antioxidant properties help with lactic acid that forms when our muscles are put to the test.

Even non-athlete customers report that simple tasks like housework, working in the yard or just a day on the beach leave them feeling less drained.

We’re proud of our ionized athlete, Mark Hollis. He’s taken great strides so far towards his goal of making the Olympic team. The fall season will be cranking up soon and we look forward to many more “I won!” stories from him.

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