Your Body’s pH Balance

Your Body’s pH Balance

It’s important to understand how pH levels work. The scale on which we measure pH is logarithmic, meaning that each whole pH value below 7 is ten times more acidic than the next higher digit. If the pH changes from 7 to 8, then the substance is 10 times more alkaline. Conversely, if it changes from 7 to 6, it is ten times more acidic. Tap water has a pH of 7. This is a neutral pH; it is neither alkaline nor acidic. Later we will explain how municipal tap water is maintained at a neutral level and the adverse effects of this.

The human body, in order to operate most efficiently, must constantly be at a pH level of 7.365. Blood is the body’s highest priority. The blood is the body’s only transport system for nutrients, meaning that it can’t afford to be acidic. All of your organs work constantly to ensure that it is kept at a balanced pH. If the pH of your blood does dip from its ideal pH 7.365 down to pH 7, for example, your blood will be approximately four times more acidic than it should be.

Improper pH Balance

Oxygen is transported throughout your body in red blood cells. When these red blood cells move into the teeny tiny capillaries, they have barely enough space to move through. The diameter of these capillaries can get so small that your red blood cells can only pass through them one at a time!

The small diameter of  the capillaries the importance of red blood cell flow rate are supported by a mechanism that lets them remain separated from one another.   The exterior of each blood cell carries a negative charge. The negatively charged cell exterior keeps the cells at a safe distance the same way the “negative” sides of magnets will repel one another.    The cells are forced to resist each other and are able to stay separated.

Acidity in the system interferes with this negative charge, stripping it away.  Blood cells start to clump together, the flow is not as rapid and the body begins working harder to circulate oxygen and other nutrients in the blood stream.  One of the earliest symptoms of an over-acidic system is fatigue.  The heart is working harder to circulate the blood and oxygen is not being effectively delivered which causes us to get tired more easily – both mentally and physically.

The two most common benefits reported from those who started drinking alkaline ionized water are an increase in energy levels (mental, physical and emotional) and lowered blood pressure.

  • Acid is also known to weaken your red blood cells and cause them to die. When your red blood cells die, they release you guessed it more acid!

  • Did you know:
  • That drinking one soda a day increases your chance of developing diabetes by 75%?
  • Soda has a pH of 2.5; this high acidity puts your body into high gear as it tries to re-balance your blood’s pH level
  • It would take over thirty glasses of alkaline pH water to balance out just one glass of soda. That one glass of soda is 50,000 times more acidic than neutral water.

Our body constantly works to counteract the acid that accumulates in the body due to acid-producing food, acid-producing pollution, and acid-producing stress, which is the biggest danger out of this list.

Stress is one “acid producer” that we CAN control.

  • “Mini-meditations” during the day – taking a few minutes to let go of everything and finding our inner “happy place”
  • Getting up  and walking away from our desk – or just stepping outside for a few minutes
  • Reducing our exposure to “toxic people”
  • Yoga or stretching in the mornings, evenings or both
  • These are all simple things we can do to reduce stress-related acidity.
  • Sex is a great stress reducer and, like jogging,  also releases “good stuff” into your system that creates a feeling of well being

We can’t always control where we live, where we work or the challenges that pop up in our daily lives.  What we can do is recognize their effects on our health and take one or two of these simple steps to release them – or recharge ourselves so they can better deal with them.leads to tremendous acidity and you should try to deal with and eliminate stress as efficiently as possible. Practices like yoga and meditation are very effective ways of dealing with stress.